Is Google Deleting The Pictures On Your Phone?

I haven’t noticed this personally, yet, but I do know Google goes through my pictures constantly. They are forever sending me reminders of what I was doing two years ago and crap like that.

However, I wouldn’t put it past them for one second doing what one of my readers sent me an Email about yesterday while I was at work.

Check this,

“I don’t use it very much, yet I have a phone with Google on it.   For the only reason it is used for my recovery email.
For the fourth time in six weeks (this time I actually caught it happening) the Google part kept on demanding I perform the update for the App.    AND IT GOES THROUGH MY PICTURES AND AUTOMATICALLY DELETES EVERY IMAGE THAT IS PRO-CHRISTIAN, PRO-TRUMP, ANTI-MUSLIM, ANTI-BLM, ANTI-TRUDEAU or any of the other fucktards I hate.
See if anyone else has experienced this.”

I told them that I would pose the question to you after I got home from work so there it is.

Has anyone else noticed this?

32 thoughts on “Is Google Deleting The Pictures On Your Phone?

  1. Apple is less intrusive. Not that I trust them either, but they are le better choice privacy wise right now.

    I remember when Android phones were the better choice, but that has changed.


  2. Wow. If this is true, it makes me think it was the correct step to ditch the f*ckin *phone*. My last *phone* went surf casting (in my back pocket) in the Atlantic. It will not be replaced.

    If the label on a device calls it “smart” I don’t want that piece of convenience. BFYTW.


    • I would agree. A few people say shit just to see how far it goes, but I do not discount certain ^&(&&%^*(& adding things to our phones when necessary.


  3. I have an Android, only use Gmail and Google Drive, and have automatic updates turned off. I use a FireFox browser and Duck-Duck-Go for a search engine. All the other Google crap sits idle and out of date. All of my photos are intact and I never hear a peep out of Google. I would believe the problems would more likely be with the Google branded phones, not an Android like my Samsung.


  4. Don’t use Google. They do give out some free phones but they are crap. Google is like China and we know they are ass holes


  5. As there are easy and better alternatives, I don’t use google for anything. Chrome on my phone with dudkduckgo as a search engine as google censors the shit out of search results.
    As an aside in the boycott area, I used my last gillette disposable. I shave with an electric and dry shave cleanup with a disposable. The gillette wouldn’t even make it through one of those cleanup shaves. I switched to Shick hybrid 3 weeks ago and haven’t changed the original blade yet.

    Honestly, going ‘woke’ with a shitty product beside?


    • Um, who do you think developed chrome? Hint- google. Their tentacles are everywhere. Opera USED to be a viable alternative but they are all about adware now as far as I can tell. Lots of liberty minded people recommending Brave as a browser, but I haven’t tried it in over two years.

      I’m with you on minimizing their reach as much as possible, and I ditched my gillette razor too.

      It’s hard, but we should try to starve the beast.



      • True on Chrome, but Firefox went woke and I just don’t care for the other options.
        I read where it is literally impossible to completely purge google from your computing life.
        And Is there a decent company anywhere? I’ll put some effort into it but not going to cut my nose off or jump through hoops all day.

        🙂 I’ll do what I can.


        • If you like Chrome, look into Brave and Dissenter. They are forks off of Chrome, without the snoopery. Dissenter is a fork off of Brave without the ads.


          • I looked at Brave a while ago, but it wasn’t able to import my Chrome bookmarks properly. I may take another look and manually do the bookmarks.
            I have to say I like lots of the Chrome extensions. A couple being videodownloadhelper, Honey, which is an add-on that automatically fills in coupon codes when buying, and also watches and notifies price reductions. Haven’t looked to see if Brave has those types of options or not yet.


      • Brave is my Browser, DuckDuckGo is my search engine, and I DON’T use any in-the-cloud software. I have my phone pretty tightened down, sometimes when I cruise the Interwebbs stuff won’t display or open, so I immediately know it’s trying to go “out there” and do links I haven’t approved. Don’t use ANY commercial mail services, mine is RoundCube on a friend of mine’s servers. I don’t even come CLOSE to any social media site, they’re poisonous.

        Call me a fuddy-duddy. A PARANOID fuddy-duddy.


        • I use Pale Moon browser with Duck Duck go and an ad blocker and I don’t have any problems on my Laptops, but I will not use a Smart Idiot Phone for love or money. I use a 32Gig flash drive for all my back up as I don’t have much I want to back up. If I back documents up I print off a hard copy too. That is my way I tackle that. No cloud or google storage for me.


  6. I have noticed that all of my Israel-related pictures on google drive vanished. Fortunately I have them on my computer – my family’s first trip there together.

    ALL GONE from google drive.


  7. My $0.02…
    Anyone that uses google drive, apple cloud, or MS cloud or for that fact
    any on line service to store their stuff because they are too cheap to
    buy a larger drive or manually copy stuff it asking for it and generally will
    get it. Usually up the arse.

    Why? if you haven’t figured it out, you are the product, your data, net habits
    and all the digital stuff you expose. None seem to learn from the 1990s
    to 2009 Geocities debacle where when the shut down they kept the data
    all of it and would not give it back.

    Hint keep it on your computer or better yet a copy on an external drive
    that can be stuffed in a drawer and is not accessible without physical
    contact. Due to general concerns with device reliability multiple copies
    are a good thing and in separate places as well.

    Likely what was lost is due to service that terminated, or if a paid
    service unpaid, or exceeding the quota. Another form is if the
    images or data has copyright not owned or paid/granted to/by
    you you its may be deleted for you.

    In short they can’t reach into myr machine (or phone) if you
    don’t invite them there.


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    • Storage has gotten to be stupid cheap. I keep all my files backed up using the “Three drives, two machines” rule, using Free-File Synch to coordinate things.
      FFS is something of a pain to set up, but once it is, it does the backup reliably.


    • iMac, multiple image backups using Carbon Copy Cloner to multiple external drives which are also bootable. I never use the cloud for anything. Bought a 1tb Samsung SSD for wife’s Dell that’s still running. Little over a hundred.

      When my Dell Inspiron went bust for 2nd time and a new logic board was 143.00 and the thing was 12 years old, I just scrapped it and got the iMac. Took the 512 gb SSD out of the dell and use it for external storage also n the new PC. But heck 256 gig flash drives are stupid cheap also.

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  8. Remember, kids, with all the new hotness and spiffy tech nowadays, The Cloud… just someone else’s computer. Who may or may not give a shit about your or your data. And could even be actively hostile, for ??? reasons.


    • If the data leaves your machine, you are NOT protected. A really good reason NOT to go with bitcoin, etc.
      In Data Security we take some pretty astringent measures to insure nothing goes in or out without approval, PERIOD.


      • IT mgr in our company, with an over 160 IQ says any company is hackable and we’re just fortunate that we’re not a big enough target for the hackers. Then add in stuff like the NSA paying to have th heartbleed network software bug developed and deployed so they could use it.


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