12 thoughts on “Thaaaaat’s An Ass Beatin’

  1. Boy knew he was done, look at him run. My Dad kept a chunk of hardwood flooring handy for just such an occasion. Called it the “Board of Education”. You don’t forget lessons that are applied with 24 inches of oak wrapped in electrical tape.


      • I never got a paddling I didn’t have coming. I did eventually wise up enough to hide it under my parents mattress, but by that point I was past getting spanked. Well, I thought I was, until my parents bought a new mattress……….


  2. Had that been my kid he would have gotten a double dose of whooping! Pisses me off more the little bastard ran away from a deserved ass whopping then standing there after getting caught and getting the just desserts.


  3. “Spare the rod and spoil…” the TV, the stereo, etc.
    Kid’s gonna remember better when instructed by the Board of Education!


  4. Board of education my ass. I got either a belt, a switch from the tree outside, or one of those SSP zip cords that went to those toy cars. Damn thing had a T handle for improved pissed off parental grip and those little teeth on one side for maximized burning sting upon the legs or ass.
    with the SSP zip cord, you didn’t fuck up and do the same thing twice…


  5. A little neighbor girl walked up while Pop and I were in the garage. I gave her a drink out a toy water pistol. Pop asked “what’s so funny?” I just filled it up from the dog’s dish. And away we go…


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