I Couldn’t Take The Shame

Just in case anyone thinks I don’t read every single comment here,

Even though the Horror Fright Digital Caliper I got didn’t cost me a dime out of my pocket, I still had to chuckle to myself when I found this one at half of what that thing cost, including the shipping.

It even reads Zero when it’s closed like it’s supposed to.

So whenever I get more than three minutes to myself I will go out there and re-measure that lathe bed with this one and do some comparisons.

Right now I am so beat I’m going to bed before I fall asleep in this damn chair.


14 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Take The Shame

  1. Zero on those is very easy to fix if the plates are clean, and no one has used it as a c-clamp. But yeah, those are still standard in a shop. And while digital has it’s place, much like cursive, not everyone is adult enough to understand it. (I still have a slide rule…just because knowledge doesn’t go out of style. Just the people who understand it.)


    • Still can whip out my Duo-deci-trig Log Log K&E slide rule. 16″, you could go to 4 sig figures reliably and extrapolate to five…
      And ain’t NUTTIN’ like the old mechanical calipers. No batteries. Works in any position and temperature. Gotta keep ’em clean and oiled, though!

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  2. Love me some proper mechanical devices. Have a set of chinesium electronical Snap-off calipers on the reloading bench…hate the damn things. The gear in my box at the hangar are all analog, even my meter.


  3. Even if you had to pay more, sometimes a lot more for it, I’ll always buy and keep American jobs of shit you hafta buy 2 or 3 times from chinlandistan.


  4. Always wondered what your attraction to Harbor Freight was, and why. Fifty years of buying and collecting tools for many trades I have worked, I can honestly say I have never spent a dollar in a Horror Fright store, can’t afford the time necessary to warranty their broken shit. It’s always cheaper in the long run to buy quality tools. Can’t tell you how many times some young guy would come to work wanting to show his great deal he got on a cheep tool and be looking to buy another one next week. Cheap tools always let you down at the worst times. When you’re using them.


    • I have spent at least 85 grand on tools over the last forty years, easily. I have Snap On boxes, plural, full of Snap On tools so I have been down that road. I am old now and my kids don’t really have any interest in inheriting what I have collected so I don’t see any point in spending big money for tools. I am only going to be able to use for a few years,if I am lucky. The wife has told me repeatedly that she isn’t going to deal with them after I am dead and is going to give them away or throw them out. I buy what will get the job done.


  5. I believed you when you said you had some good ones.
    Remember, when they’re calibrated, the convention is three clicks of the ratchet. Three shall be the number of the counting, and the number of the count shall be three. Five is right out.

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  6. Just remember a digital slide type caliper may give a readout down .0001″ but that doesn’t mean the device itself is capable of that accuracy. We did a gage R&R study when I was department manager of Fab QA at Enormous Aerospace Defense and basically got rid of them. You should be able to get a 1.000″ calibration standard rod for that micrometer and you can calibrate it yourself. Speaking of calibration, when was the las time you had any torque wrenches checked?
    Agree with you on the cheaper tools by the way. When I actually worked as a mechanic I used Snap On but there is no need for that level of tool for use around the house. My older son rebuilds motorcycles as a side hustle but he is buying his own specialized tools. I’m not even sure what the quality level of Snap On is anymore.

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