There Is A World Wide Chip Shortage? The Horror!

I wonder if The Wifely Unit has heard about this, our oldest boy goes through them like shit through a goose.

Oh wait, wrong kind of chip.

There isn’t a potato shortage anyway, they are literally giving those away.

They must be talking about computer chips.

Hold on a sec while I take a big breath….


As a somewhat dedicated Technophobe who studiously tries to avoid any and everything computer controlled in my personal life, I find that hilarious.

You mean I won’t be able to run out and buy one of those new fangled, way over priced, Smart Appliances?

You know, the kind that spies on your ass and only works for a couple of years before it shits the bed?

Gee, my heart is broken.

I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that when our fridge died here recently that the rental management outfit was too cheap to spring for such a luxury and we got a good old fashioned No Frills model.

I’m hearing that it’s really causing heartburn for auto manufacturers.

My heart bleeds Purple Peanut Butter for the assholes.

Lemme tell ya, if I could still find a REASONABLY PRICED mid 60’s Ford or Chevy pickup anymore that still had points and condenser ignition, it would be sitting in my driveway right now.

But those days are long gone now too.

‘Smatter of fact, I just saw an article on the inflation we are suffering through that said the price of used cars has gone up 54% IN ONE YEAR!

I don’t know about anyone else but that is just insanity in my book.

Back to the point here, these little computer chips are in EVERYTHING these days.

Stupid shit like flashlights even.

My question is, WHY?

Why do I need a fucking computer chip in my flashlight?

Yeah yeah, because the newer flashlights are way, way brighter and have LED’s in them.


This chip shortage and the resulting hysteria is just reinforcing my desire to avoid the damn things as much as possible.

As wonderful as they are, in my personal experience, everything “Electronic”, has a very limited working life span, be it anywhere from one to twenty years, some even more.

The thing is, when those fancy electronics crap out, you are all done unless you can find a replacement. Technology leaping ahead renders a lot of it obsolete very, very quickly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete Luddite.

I totally “Get” the miracles that are only possible through modern technology and advances in Electronic Wizardry.

I’m just saying there is a time and a place for that shit and sometimes “Just because you can”, doesn’t mean you should.

So I sit here and watch the world freak out over this computer chip shortage with mild amusement.

17 thoughts on “There Is A World Wide Chip Shortage? The Horror!

  1. Ditto on the tech avoidance outside of a smartphone that I don’t use a a phone…

    The ‘chip shortage’ is a real head scratcher. Not like it would be the result of unexpected demand. I tend to suspect material shortages being the problem and maybe rare Earth metals crap that China is supposedly hoarding. But honestly, no idea.


  2. I’ve been on the prowl for an old truck for some time.

    There’s some seriously dilapidated shit out there for $4K. Crapola I’d have spent $200 on back in the day. Matter of fact, there was a 67 dodge van for 3K or so I saw. I had one back in ’81. I paid $200 for it, and it was in better shape than the specimen I saw.

    I do have a line on a Cherokee from a friend that he’s already kitted up. Hard to beat a jeep 4L 6.


  3. The wife was wondering why I wanted an older tractor even though a new one wasn’t totally out of reach. She was even pissed when the starter on the ’79 Honomoto E-18 4WD went out within a week, but then I got a $20 Nissan hardbody starter, and the little two-popper diesel purrs like a kitten.

    Told her I’d never pay to rent the electronics in a new John Deere that the end-user agreement doesn’t allow anybody but the dealer to fix anything.


    • I saw a couple of years ago that farmers are dragging their old tractors out of the weeds and rebuilding them for that very reason. If you think used car prices have went ballistic you should try and buy an old tractor in farm country.


      • I hope the chip shortage gets worse and we can replace vehicles without the black box. Effing big brother


  4. Technology is a good ”assist”. Nothing more. Mechanical is tried and true. Gears, levers, belts, fire and iron, backbone, blood sweat and tears. That is Americas backbone. Laziness and pay to stay at home will not bring our country back. Funny thing though no matter how far technology advances, like WE see and experience now, makes US weaker and more reliant on things beyond our control. You know the EASY things shop by phone, easy money form .goV. These techno marvels will not save US. Makes US soft. These electronic marvels only represent an ever tightening hand cuff on WE the PEOPLE. Hard knuckle busting and back breaking work is needed to rebuild what WE let fall. Remember WE let this happen. WE tolerated this. WE allowed this. WE had all the power all the rights, as given by God, to limit TPTB. WE had it all. WE had it all …………….and did nothing. This is not who WE are.


  5. Ah yes thats the fist time ive seen luddite used nice job .My 92 Chevy truck has had a lifter tick goin on 5 years. Runs great .it has a stupid TBI intake but hey its chevy to the bone an always passes DEQ .i have a big home pc i built that works fine only thing its used for is to make copies !!!!! Make copies all that crap 4 what …copies cell phones have taken over an for over a grand to make calls am do what the big pc does jezz . Love my truck sure it leaks oil an smokes a littel .But i can fix it without code reader .8 years one water pump an engine mounts n tires. …jeep 4.0 is a hell of a rig run forever ! My xj has 200.000 miles on it an freash engine .At 62 i figer the truck n jeep will last as long as me ! Pc .cell phone no way .


  6. This is simply a manufactured crisis with the intention of hurting China’s manufacturing output. It won’t last. Ohio Guy


  7. There’s a early to mid 70s f250 that hasn’t moved since at least Sept. right down the road. Sure is tempting. Its got a real 8′ bed. Only bad thing about those old fords is the “twin I beam” front end. What a piece of shit it was. Had two of them. Sucked.


    • I had a 91 F150 2whl drive with that twin I beam set up and a friend who was an asst manager at Les Schwabs Tires helped me on Sunday switch out the F150 front coils and the rear leafs for an F250 4whl set and the truck sat a little higher and could handle my 5thwheel trailer better and it handle much better driving it. It had the sequential fuel injection 300cid 6cyl, torqued little mo fo!


  8. There is no crisis. This is just supply and demand.

    The fabs did not close or even really reduce capacity. The TI fabs in Dallas as well as the NXP and Samsung fabs in Austin have been running nonstop. The same can be said for TSMC and UMC fans in Taiwan and GF’s fabs. The only pause occurred with the cold spell in Feb 2021, which did shut down several in Austin. The problem is that auto manufacturers are clueless and cut orders, forcing SC vendors to shift production to other industries. Now auto manufacturers are whining because they are now at the back of the line.

    Perhaps now they will start making cars that can be repaired instead of moving toward disposable ones.


  9. Bought myself a 1977 F150 with the 460 cube V8. A bit expensive to run here in England but I got it for shows and rallies mostly. I can get about all the parts from Rock Auto in the USA with great service, and here I can rip off most of the California smog crap and get twice the power and better economy too. Has the electronic ignition, but I dont mind that as; a. it can be recalibrated as to the advance curve and b. I remember all the shit you could have with points and condensers thankyouverymuch


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