Another HUGE Thank You Is In Order Here

I packed up those two decorative sword units that I finished for my friend Steve and took them over to him first thing yesterday morning.

He was happy with the way they turned out and that made me feel good.

While I was there, I wanted to pick up the other Kennedy box he was holding for me but as we were sitting there shooting the shit he asked me if I had a Wire Feed.

I told him I used to but after it sitting unused for 3 years I had sold it.

This was before someone in the comments let me know that the washer/dryer circuits didn’t have those new fangled Arc suppressing features in them like all the outlets in my garage seem to have. I couldn’t use the welder because every time I went to strike an arc it would trip the GFC and the lights would go out. Unplugging the washing machine and running an extension cord works around that. I didn’t know about these things so I sold it but hated doing so because it was set up for gas and was sitting on a brand new cart too.

Oh well.

So my buddy Steve tells me has has two wire feeds laying around and he will give me one if I want it.

Holy crap, serious?

Hell yes I would like that!

Not only did he give me an almost new Harbor Freight wire feed, he threw in an auto darkening hood too!

What a guy!

Thanks Steve!

I was crazy busy because of Mothers Day and having to go to work yesterday so I haven’t even really had a chance to look at anything real good yet but I am VERY excited to have a functioning wire feed again!

The damn things are so handy.

When I get a chance I will clean it up and test it and as for the Kennedy box, WHOO HOO!

It’s another one of the Middle boxes that matches the Top box he just gave me. I even outsmarted myself again and bought two new lock cylinders when I got the one for the top box so I don’t even have to go buy another one of those!

Thanks Again Steve!!

I’m not kidding when I say that I spent an hour looking for tools the other day when I was working on those swords.

They are scattered everywhere, even though I have been trying to corral them and put them into tool boxes.

All these new tools I have gotten recently pretty much out stripped my storage capabilities and these boxes are going to be full very quickly. Part of the problem I am having is that because I have been moving and rearranging the tool storage, my brain still insists everything should still be where it was before I moved everything.

That means when I go to find something I used to know the location of, it isn’t there and now I have to go through all these new boxes and drawers trying to find where I moved it to.

It’s the same thing as throwing something away that you have had laying around for years and a week later needing it and then driving yourself crazy trying to find it because you know you had one.

I know, such a terrible problem, having so many tools you can’t even find them, right?

I’ll get there, it’s just another one of those too many things to do and not enough time things.

I also scored on some 1/2X1/2 Aluminium angle the other day at the Metal Supermarket as Cut Offs.

They are about 3 feet long and are EXACTLY what I have been wanting to put in those huge drawers in that big green cabinet I got so I can separate a bunch of shit.

Those drawers are humongous and everything slides around in them when you yank them open.

The very FIRST drawer that is getting them put in is my Drill bit drawer.

It looks like a small airplane crashed in it because everything has slid around.

4 thoughts on “Another HUGE Thank You Is In Order Here

  1. You scored biggly! Steve is a sure cool dude! You know an electrician Phil? Maybe he can wire a new 240V(?) [120V ?] circuit for your new toy so as not to trip out half your house.


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