Happy Mothers Day Ladies

Since I have already lost one and am about to lose the other, allow me to to tell all y’all not to take your Mom’s for granted. If you have lost yours already, you know of which I speak and you have my condolences.

Enjoy your day ladies and make sure they treat you right today.

Mommin’ ain’t easy.

8 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day Ladies

  1. Am nearing 70 and still have my mom. I am so grateful even if she reminds me that I wasn’t the big brother I should have been. (My defense is that she and dad didn’t give me much to work with. ) : )


  2. People ask me how we raised our kids so well. I tell them “you’re not going to want to hear this but my wife stayed home and raised them while I made a living”. No dropping off kids at day care. No career. No “A woman can have it all” bullshit. Now she has the real satisfaction of having 2 sons she can be very proud of. Old school I know but women need to really think about what they’ve been conned into giving up for “careers”. Happy mothers day to all! Also I still have my mom and I sent one of my boys to take her out to lunch the other day. Nothing better than a grandson she can be proud of.


    • I concur Mikey. I was a stay at home mom until the kid was in fourth grade. Then I worked weekends as a nurse. I mostly took care of him during the week and husband mostly took care of him on weekends. No daycare. Always had a parent looking after him. Turned out to be a great kid, mechanical engineer working for dot gov.


  3. I concur Phil, lost my mother and dad back in 2007 within four months of each other and those that have both or either cherish them and spend time with them and talk, talk about everything! You don’t have to spend money, just sit on the front porch and visit, fix something for them and have them help you…


  4. Phil you are exactly correct. Lost mine in my early 20’s she was in her early 50’s. Everyday especially Mothers Day for over 30 years I wish I could say I love you. I told my kids this and they took it to heart and made time for grandparents as well who are all gone now.


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