13 thoughts on “That’s It, Bring On The Poison

  1. Skip the poisons. Boiling water is 100% lethal, and obviously leaves no toxins. Just be careful carrying a pot of it out the door.

    Side benefit: any seeds in the soil will instantly be killed too.

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  2. …then people wonder why they pull up the plant and it just keeps coming back. This kills them dead:

    1 gallon white vinegar (You could use another type of vinegar, but white is the cheapest and easiest to buy in large quantities)

    2 cups Epsom salt (I like the garden variety found in local garden centers, but I have a friend who used iodized salt… I’m not sure about the long term effects of this since science shows regular salt will keep anything from growing for quite a while afterwards.)

    1/4 cup Dish soap (Dr. Bronner’s castile soap can also be used for a more natural option.)

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  3. Nemo provides ‘our local’ fix too – and it works as advertised.

    Which is good because as this guy says (8:27 mark) “Dandelion roots can grow to fifteen feet deep” [!] Still though, when I got into my mid-60s I decided ‘Screw it, y’all can have it.’


  4. I pulled up a sappling that had rooted in my blueberry bushes and the fucker had a root on it like that…damn root was as deep as the sapling was tall. Damn near did a backflip when it finally gave way.


  5. I’ve pulled up some deep-rooted weeds but dandelions have always given me trouble. But then- along came my wife. She processes the blossoms to make some of the best jelly I’ve ever tasted. She also deep0-fries the root (tastes like nuts) and steams the young leaves. All in all, that damned weed will feed a small family quite well.


  6. They are perfect survivors. Long tap root for water in a drought, flat, spreading leaves to kill the grass around them, tiny hairs on the leaves to collect dew, a seed head of thousands with an airborne dispersal mechanism,, the lowly dandelion is a lesson in Do Not Give Up.


  7. Ice and dandelions give concrete nightmares.
    Besides boiling water and vinegar, ammonia works fast on grass and weeds in the pavement cracks, and your neighbor will think that your bathroom was disgusting.


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