Holy Crap! I Have A German Twin And He Is Even Dumber Than I Am!

Good Lord, it was like looking in a mirror. Poor bastard looks just like me.

The second I saw that scarf though, I knew bad things were coming.

The Cardinal Rule of working around Power Equipment, NEVER, EVER,wear loose clothing or jewelry, long floppy sleeves, gloves or ESPECIALLY a fucking scarf around them when you are using them.

People laugh at these little Mini Lathes but here is proof they will FUCK YOU UP if you aren’t careful.

Dude is lucky it didn’t break his neck.

H/T to George from the Mini Lathe forum I read for the warning and the link to Home Made Tools.

13 thoughts on “Holy Crap! I Have A German Twin And He Is Even Dumber Than I Am!

  1. Learned that lesson as a little tyke. My Dad’s friend, a next door neighbor always had hair about 1/8 of an inch long. He worked as a mechanic at the local Chevy dealer and he told us about a fellow mechanic who had a car up on the lift with the drive train running looking for the cause of a noise. Guy had long hair that got sucked up in the driveshaft and it tore his scalp off.


    • It took me exactly one time of rolling my creeper over my ponytail back in the day and almost breaking my neck for me to be done with long hair.
      Turns out it wouldn’t have been much of a choice anyway as it all fell out soon after.


      • Speaking of creeper accidents, got to witness a pretty epic one years back, guy was working under a trans-am, on a creeper, with no shirt. When another fella reached in the window and blipped the horn as a joke, Steven hit his head on the frame and started cussing of course, then pushed off hard on the creeper to slide out from under and whup some ass, only prob was both his nipple rings cought the rocker on the way out, ripped them clean out, about died laughing that day


    • Me too. When I was but an egg in the 40’s, our mechanic neighbor had his long hair combed back over the scalp the way the did in those days. Once, working on a running engine, his hair flopped over and was caught in one of the pulleys. I don’t know if it scalped him or just pulled his hair out but it was pretty exciting.


  2. many years ago , had a gal in a metal shop get on a drill press wearing gloves because her hands were cold (bout 60° outside) nobody caught her in time to say anything but the bit caught the glove quick…mangled up mess between thumb and forefinger …she was put on light duty upon return then suddenly quit one day, couple months later came the lawsuit for sex discrimination, age discrimination, and some other crap

    funny thing, she named me for the age discrimination thing, i had a ball explaining to her asshole lowya that my 2 favorite employees were 70+ y.o. women that could out cut anybody on their double miter saws…and their cuts were always precise, no mistakes…with beautifully stacked pallets of material

    one bad set up on those saws could mean a couple tons of useless scrap in a day

    not only that but they would chit chat and laugh and enjoyed snacks & coffee the whole time they worked..just genuinely hard working, intelligent and beautiful American ladies

    thanks ladies, i sure miss you both!


  3. I had a wood lathe strip a long sleeved shirt off of me when I was in my teens. I didn’t get hurt but I learned that lesson early. Thank God we were poor and I had cheap clothes.


  4. Damn, you have a doppelganger in Duetschland! He was lucky that didn’t take out the jugular vein or a carotid artery! Even take his damn fool head off!


  5. Yeah, been a machinist for over 40 years. It’s a dangerous job. Every thing bites
    The old machines were the most dangerous. They were pretty much unstoppable
    If you were dumb enough to make a climb cut on a horizontal milling machine,
    holy shit! Those old machines had a lot of backlash (slop). The cutter would grab and pretty much scrape everything over a few inches and just keep digging in
    You ran away from the machine and to the breaker box to shut it down
    I have also seen a turning center hopping around when half assed chuck jaws failed
    Also, when a welding gas tank gets knocked over and scoots around the shop


  6. Machines are big and bad, you are soft and squishy, that mantra was drilled in my head starting at 8yrs old. At that age I got a job at the machine shop down the road from my parents house, I would ride my bike there after school and work til dinner every day, emptying chip trays sweeping the floor cleaning and oiling machines etc. Made my first parts on the 10″ clausing, some spacers for my mini bike. At one point while I was machining them I re chucked the part, and left the key in the chuck just for a sec, Jim saw and snatched it out of the chuck and whapped me across the knuckles with the key. Was a thorough and instant lesson to my 9yo self to this day I have never left even a drill chuck key in after that, 25 years later that knuckle is still sore on rainy days. Only time I’ve actually gotten hurt was on a large 10″ bench grinder with a misadjusted tool rest, part was hot and I stupidly held it with my gloved hand instead of grabbing some vise-grips, wheel cought the leather and sucked my left thumb in to the wheel. Luckily I didnt lose the thumb, just the nail.


  7. Used to work for a newspaper. Those presses scared the switch out of me. Drums weighed a ton, spinning at high speed, with dozens more all around you. Lots of inertia, and zero survivability if it socks you in. Also had a machine that shredded and bundled update papers for recycling. Guy fell in it to clear a jam without lock out/tag out, rest of the crew came back from break, fired up the machine and hamburger came out the other end.


  8. Just the other day, my boss chucked in a 3 foot shaft of 3/4″ that he was going to sand on. I knew he didn’t check the speed when I heard the motor slowly groan into a high speed jet engine at full throttle. To use a quote from the late, great Steve Irwin, “Watch it as it whips about!” OG


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