Trying To Tie Up Some Loose Ends

And I ran out of string, dammit.

My little Pea Patch already has some small pods and flowers going and the tendrils needed another stretch of string to reach for.

I just barely had enough left to get it done so that means I needed to get some more coming now, before it slips my mind.

Because, you know, CRS.

I had to laugh when I got on Ebay and typed in a search for String.

All it returned was several pages of String Bikini’s.

Be strong Phil, ignore that shit and stay on task man.

It was surprisingly hard to find some stupid string.

Just plain old string.

Five minutes later I found what I was after, that wasn’t stupidly over priced, with shipping charges that made the whole deal cost over $30 fucking dollars!

Yeah, $35 for that roll of string.

Plus $15.00 Shipping.

Granted it’s 6500 feet long but I’m not going to use over a mile of string before I kick off, I hope.

So I opted for 1800 feet, $13, Free shipping.

Even that caused me to pucker but every damn thing is expensive these days.

Sweet Jesus it cost me $85 even to fill the tank on the truck earlier.

But now I don’t have to worry about string, of all things.

Sometimes the stupid stuff that doesn’t even register 99% of the time turns out to be a bit more important than you realize.

That last 100′ roll I just went through was new 6 months ago so I go through a lot more string than I would ever have imagined.

18 thoughts on “Trying To Tie Up Some Loose Ends

  1. You couldn’t find string at a Wally world or even Ace Hardware, they have just about anything weird or seemly hard to find?


    • I just had this conversation with the wife.
      I don’t need it right this second so why would I want to drive up to Wally World or anywhere else for that matter and have to put up with all the horse shit that entails when I can sit here on my ass and have it delivered, cheaper, at my leisure?
      I’m a busy man Cederq, the only reason I am replying to this now is because I had to come in and order a new 6 MMX1.0 tap to the one I broke a while back and forgot to replace. There was enough left to grind down and get the job at hand done but the same scenario applies to the tap as the string.
      I have shit to do and I’m burning daylight!

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  2. FWIW, I added this thing to Chrome a couple days ago. An extension that does a couple things:

    – looks for valid coupon codes to plug in as you are checking out at various on ine portals like Amazon.

    – If you’re looking at an item and click on it, it may tell you the item recently went up in price and/or will give you the option of watching the sucker and notifying you of price drops for the next 120 days (which you can reinstate)

    I was on Lowes last night looking at generators cause you reminded me some crazy mother might just take out part of the local power grid….I was looking at the Duro Max duel fuel 10,000 watt generator for 1099.00 and it said hey dude, this was selling for 849 within the last 30 days do you want me to watch it and notify of price drops. I don’t need it tomorrow so I said yea. Cool cause I’d a probably just ordered the thing for 1099.00. Now I got a shot at saving a couple hundred.


    • I’ve been wanting to go over there anyway for a long time, it’s only about ten minutes from here and that’s because of the traffic lights.
      I’ve been afraid to though because I know me and the last time I was in there I had a runaway. I’m positive I would do it again the second I stepped foot in the joint.
      Thanks for the heads up on the string though, I wouldn’t have thought about them having it.
      Good tip.


  3. Should have entered; “twine”. Probably have gotten more relevant hits right off. The Farm was using old goat fencing for their pea patch trellis. Worked real well, and it was free – so that was a bonus.
    Probably should get a couple of those taps while you are at it. Two is one, one is none. Now where the frigg’ did my 10mm go?!
    Fortunately for me, with the new job being a LOT closer, I only have to feed the Taurus once a week now. Not three times, like before. $35/week beats $110/week, hands down. Nice to actually not hate life every morning like I used to at the other place.

    Whitehall, NY


  4. Bought 20,000 ft of polypropylene baling twine from tractor supply a few years ago for 24.99. It’s orange but who cares in the sticks, nobody sees it. I use it for the snow peas, tying up the asparagus when it goes to fern, etc, etc. No doubt it will out live me.


  5. I bought a 100′ roll of “string” at my local grocery store, in the house wares section a few years ago. I’m pretty sure they still it, even though it’s probably a slow mover.


  6. Phil, for garden work, what you’re looking for is called jute. It will degrade over time and not eat your mower.

    Still working on The Project – but, you know – the ‘rona. Might take too long and require a ‘reset’.


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