The U.S. Government Has Gone Schitzo

One one hand, it has literally declared war on one third of it’s population, declaring us to be Right Wing Extremists, hiring private organizations and using Domestic Spy Agencies to troll Social Media to track, document and compile lists of what it considers Enemies of the State, to do something with in the future that should have the hairs on the back everyone’s neck standing up.

On the other hand, it is sending checks out left and right so that these same “enemies” can buy all the armaments and ammunition they can carry, if they can be located, so they can defend themselves against the tyranny in the facts assembled above.

Who the hell is actually running this circus?

10 thoughts on “The U.S. Government Has Gone Schitzo

  1. Doesn’t bother me at all… first stimmy went to a pair of Poly80s (which subsequently got lost in a boating accident) and then Stimmy #2 helped get more gear for reloading, as well as that AR-10 I built, which too, tragically was with the Poly80s that went overboard. Bad day fishing that I’d say Aye?

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