20 thoughts on “The Left Has Become A Caricature Of A Bad Joke

  1. I’d have to think someone is paying her. or else how much of a diseased brain would you need to have to actually propel yourself into the public and sit around with a sign thinking there is some meaning to it. She’s gotta need help just getting her underwear on. Thankfully she has about as much skin covered as possible given the warmer weather.

    If I pass someone like that I’m going to yell something like “Hey, get back in the kitchen where you belong!” just to see her attempt to stand up and chase me.

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    • Without success she is trying to find someplace to fit in. Even other Karens don’t want nothing to do with her. I’m surprised she doesn’t have two masks on. Taking a selfie to post on her pathetic facebook page trying to be relevant. Can you tell I have no sympathy for SJW’s and their wannabes?

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    • I like to know who helps her get off the lawn? I wonder if it looks like old bull walruses that have to jump up on an island in the Barents Sea with their blubber undulating and sloshing around… I know, we could get Johno the Aussie to help her with pulling on her underwear and wiping that copious backside.

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  2. Send her to live with Deathray, he needs a slower food source to divert the Grizzlie’s attention while he is lining up his killing shot. All of which supposes he lets her out of the cabin, after he gets a try at her waterbed effect with all that blubber. I think that the Sasquatch girls will get jealous.


  3. I’d like to speak to the IRS and ask that I be exempt from taxes, but I would probably get arrested for fraud, or whatever “law” they could find. So I will pass on that conversation.


  4. Cederq, how do you know she wears any undies? She has likely lost too many items in that region, to bother with them any longer. As for arse wiping, I think she’d just apply the garden hose, or have her private nurse tidy it up. You remember, like the help you previously gave Hillary?

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  5. Bitch so fat she gotta hold her arm out to tell if she walking or rolling. Youl’d have to roll over twice to get off her.


  6. Deathray, the feed bill would be deferred until after next winter, she can live off the blubber all that time, with the occasional whole live beaver to snack on. If you two got snowed in, well you could emulate your hero Liver-Eatin’ Johnson. Mind you, there is a fair chance she’d be the one left gnawing on your carcass!


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