There Will Be No Mowing Of The Grass Today

I just got home at 2:30 A.M., I’m beat, my stomach is growling and now I have to turn around and be back at work again at Noon.

In the mean time it’s supposed to start raining later today and go on through the weekend.

The lawn mowing has been put off indefinitely at this point. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop growing.

It already needed it, come next week it’s going to be a bitch to cut.

Oh Well.

The way things are looking here in the very near future, I’m going to jump at overtime every chance I get.

There is already a tear down and inspection scheduled for the middle of the month and those are a Hurry Hurry Hurry deal for the Big Wigs and the Bean Counters.

Since Shit always runs down hill and gathers momentum, they really crack the whip trying to get the machine back up and running.

So I have that to look forward to.

Like I said, I am out to get my grubby little booger hooks on every Copper coated Zinc slug I can.

Which reminds me.

To my little friend who popped off in the comments the other day giving me shit and saying that I have been predicting economic doom and gloom for years now and nothing has happened.

Fuck You Again, Asshole.

You need to start looking farther down the road than the tip of your nose.

8 thoughts on “There Will Be No Mowing Of The Grass Today

  1. I hope you don’t have any grass-Nazis closeby, Phil. Come the revolution, shoot them too. So far as your bosses, isn’t it amazing: the cheques they write, that others then must attempt to cash for them. I’ve encountered so many like that over my working life, they get all bent out of shape when you have to explain simple facts to them.


  2. Whenever the big wigs had to have their *show* the floodgates of company resources opened, magically, and the overtime juices began to flow. And that sh*t went downhill, fast; us worker-bees just stayed longer, and got fatter checks.

    And we would HIRE someone to mow the damn lawn. Spread the wealth, Phil.


  3. Real autumn in north Queensland: forecast of 64 – 82F, full sun but with a UV Index of 8 (very high), it doesn’t get any lower unless it is night. All the local chicks are rugged-up for the chill, the DT ones are tanning themselves. Phil, Milton is right, hire a kid to cut your grass, if your son won’t do it. Having a heart attack when you’re cleaning the yard, because you’re neglecting the tell-tale symptoms (as just being sooky), is dumb but common, ask any ED worker. Or ask me, I learned the hard way, is there any easier? Phil, you’re a certified old fart now, relax after work, you’ve earned it.

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    • You’re pretty good at spending other people’s money.
      Have you broke down and got yourself a device for going online yet? It’s been over a year now.

      Hey Aussie, how ya doing


  4. Amen to what Johno said. We’d rather have your wisdom as not. I’d donate to have your yard work done for you. I rather look forward to lurking around at Phil’s place. But what do I know, I’m just another old shit. CHEERS

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  5. The same idiots that don’t see the economic problems are the same ones that won’t acknowledge
    the murders in dumps like Chicago because they’re both a steady drip, drip, drip


    • Most of the tools/fools DON’T look beyond the end of their noses, Phil. They’ve never had to. Grasshoppers, all.
      The ants shall inherit the earth. What’s left of us after the Big One, anyway…


  6. “To my little friend who popped off in the comments the other day giving me shit and saying that I have been predicting economic doom and gloom for years now”

    Sometimes I long for those days for the little friend idiots because they think they are prepared. I hope this is all solved by Christian revival because the alternative will be to hard.


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