Just One Would Ruin Your Day

Some sketchy shit like that, with the high tension power lines attached, would knock out the power for thousands of people all at once.

Imagine that sketchy guy being real ambitious and taking one down out in the middle of nowhere in the Cascade Mountains.

It would take months to get it replaced.

While we are at it, lets talk about Transformers.

Now we are talking some serious weak spots in the power grid.

How many of these do you think we have sitting on the shelf?

I’m guessing none.

These things are particularly vulnerable to attack because they have oil filled coolers attached to them that can be ventilated from a distance of you catch my drift.

It has already been proven that it is an effective tactic for taking one out and they have to be custom built.

Just a little something to be aware of. Our electrical grid is extremely vulnerable.

Y’all have a nice day now, I have to go to work.


29 thoughts on “Just One Would Ruin Your Day

    • Bingo. nothing else matters. Natural gas, what does it take to pressure up the lines, oh yeah I forgot. 1 week, not, what powers the gas station pumps oh yeah. Some refineries generate there own power same way electric utility makes the power. Nothing else is self sufficient except maybe a connection to a natural gas well till it runs out.


  1. It’s already been done in San Jose, CA. The substation off of Metcalf road. Maybe 6 to 10 years ago. Don’t think they ever caught the perps, either.

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  2. “Worse yet, they’re custom built in China”
    This does not mean we neither know how to build them ourselves or have the capability to do so. We have them built by the chinks because it is cheaper. That is all.


    • They can be built here.
      Sourcing the material? Not easy.

      I did a capacity planning project after studying load growth and proposed a 20 MVA transformer that got ordered 2 years later. Took 2 more years to have it delivered.


  3. Back in between overseas gigs, I was a Counter Terrorism Officer for a major power company here in Tampa (coff coff TECO!) back when they snazzed up the title of $10 an hour gate guard. They had, leastways back then ONLY two spare Big ‘Uns in a storage yard (in the middle of the hood mind you) on hand for the off chance that one of ’em online went kablooie. I was told that IF one went up, and the spares didn’t function, the fallback plan was to reach out to ANOTHER power company in the Mississippi Valley area that had 2x spares… all told, the way the guy I talked to made it sound, there’s maybe 12 of these things, spare, laying around nationally on any given day. That’s it…and NO guarantee that one of ’em will work, as having them just sitting around isn’t good either. ALL Chineseum as mentioned before.


  4. Bottom line if that grid is attacked we are royally screwed. Your little garage generator won’t do what you need once the fuel is gone 1 wk max.


  5. America may have the knowledge to build transformers but we don’t have the tools, proper raw material and experienced technicians to do so and haven’t for some time. I would take MANY minus, perhaps a clip!e of years to tool up and get such devices built and shipped. By that time it would be too late. Take the grid down for just a few weeks and the country is finished.


    • I find it interesting how many people believe Americans are hopeless morons.
      President Trump proved all that nonsense about “we can’t anymore” completely wrong.If the proper incentives are put in place, Americans can do anything as early as tomorrow. A great example is Spacex.


  6. Neighbor’s dog and kitties will be on the menu if Dan’s prophesy comes to pass, learn to build a fire using friction and kill fur bearing animals and tan hides for jackets…

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  7. The “grid” is much more resilient than people think. You won’t take the whole grid down any easier than you could stop all cross country traffic by blowing up a few highways. Utility compnies have a long experience of dealing with outages from natural causes. Localized blackouts, yes. With careful planning and enough damage, maybe a couple of states. Taking down the whole country for an extended time would take a massive sabotage effort.

    Should it be more hardened? Should we stock more spare equipment? Yes. But in terms of immediacy, greater threats exist. As always, the wise man prepares for multiple types of disruption.


    • yeah ask texas how that worked out earlier this year. EPA won’t let them be built here either. Nasty things that they are. Don’t need to take out the whole grid not even for mass chaos with all the pansies that live in this country.


      • I got a feeling that Texas is about to use this past outage as the excuse to “solve” its Green Energy problem that Washington has created. The current Texas administration will have no problem just ignoring the EPA.


  8. High schoolers knocked out Lynden, Wa with coat hangers. Just tossed a bunch over the fence. They did get caught, because they couldn’t not talk about how cool that was.
    The fence is now much further away.


  9. I am not certain taking out the transformers singly at a time would do a great lot of damage. Take out 10 or 20 at once, much better. I think that someone with hacker skills could do much more damage.


  10. MANY ways to take down the grid.
    A 200MT air burst over the Central US will generate a grid-killing EMP for the US.
    Killing the interties will enable you to take down an area. Then, hit teams can take down powerplants or dams with appropriately placed shots or explosives.
    It’s relatively easy to take down a tower, less than a half a pound of C4 or 5 pounds of AMFO can wreak havoc over a wide area. Stand well back before you trigger the charge! or tie a LONG chain about 10+ feet up and yank with a tractor. Drive like hell before it hits you.

    While I speak poly-phase distribution systems, I’ve never played with them. It’d be a steep learning curve! Too old to learn to be a lineman, for sure
    Makes you wonder what has come across our borders lately, and what they have been tasked to do…


  11. Last I read about thee transformers his that there are numerous smaller ones available, the type and size tha normally get knocked down in storms etc. But the larger ones, installed at the major distribution centers can take anywhere from 2-3 years to make. Not simply sitting on the shelf. I believe there are only 3 mfg of the smaller ones in the US, all the larger ones are made, you guessed it, in ping cinklandistan…..


  12. It’s a good thing no one ever takes a crossbow bolt, and shoots attached 20-50′ sections of steel cable across high tension lines or distribution station wires, and shorts out the whole kaboodle quietly, from a safe distance.

    That would be baaaaaaaad.

    Probably be even worse if they wrapped the other end of a cable around one of the steel legs and grounded it, and managed to melt though the leg girder, huh? Sidewalk nearby’s got 1″ deep holes from where a 10KV wire pulled loose and blew up the concrete.

    Say, anybody know what’s the background check and how long is the waiting period on crossbows and steel wire these days?

    Asking for a friend.


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