Damn it’s been a long week already.

All 3 days of it.

Oh sure, laugh.

It’s only Wednesday morning and I already have over 30 hours in since Sunday evening.

I just hope the Boss doesn’t decide to ask me if I can work tomorrow too like he did last week, as he was walking out the door to go home.

Basically zero notice.

I have a ton of shit to do and the weather is supposed to take a shit and rain off and on all damned weekend.

Of course.

11 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Wasn’t quite that bad here a few years ago, but the late Winter and early Spring had been so rainy that by the time things had dried out enough to mow, the grass in my 1/4-acre backyard was 3′ or better.

    Mad one pass with my 22′ trimmer, then converted the mower from mulching to bagging,and got a 3-yard dumpster — which I almost filled.


  2. I remember when i lived outside Rockwall, Tx going home in a hellacious thunder storm where you not see 200′. Saw some ol’boy mowing and grinnin like a dead pig in the sunshine.

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  3. Took the cord from an old coffee urn and stuck it in the hollow end of a torque wrench. Sent the new guy to the tool room for the electric torque wrench.

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