I Get Mine The Old Fashioned Way

(British Cigarette)

I am not even kidding when I say that I can take a shower, make sure my fingernails are spotless, get dressed, come in and sit down and twenty minutes later my fingernails are dirty again.

The shit must literally be in my blood stream.

I don’t need no stinking nail polish to get that look.

7 thoughts on “I Get Mine The Old Fashioned Way

  1. Ten times better then what I use to get under my finger nails, in my hair, up my nose, in my eyes, over my shoes and I can’t remember how many times I have changed scrubs during a normal shift…


    • Any of you guys ever tried to keep a set of Navy Dress Whites clean long enough to get through an inspection?


        • Cederq, I’d have thought reason no.1 was having to prance around all day like you’re in a ‘In The Navy’ Village People music clip. Oh, the wierd things those Navy pussers must get up to.


          • “Dirty Nails!!!” the reason why I carry several knives of various sizes with me!! ‘Scrape the crud out and be on your way!! …..
            and to answer “crazyeighter” about the “Navy Dress Whites!!!!”.. How well I Know!! 3 years, 11 month and 19 Daze USN…. 05 DEC 1966 till 23 NOV 1970!! PR-2, Vietnam ’68 and APOLLO X (10) pickup in May of 69!! Sandyeggo to Singapore…. Amchitka to Auckland!! and those “Tropical White Long!” Uniforms ….Even Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” had to wear them!!!!!!


  2. if you get a USB microscope, which serves many purposes, you will find that under fingernail crud is skin oil. anywhere else, it rubs of on your clothing. under the fingernails, it lingers.


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