20 thoughts on “How To Make A Commie Liberal’s Head Explode

  1. Either the MIL is inside or there is a ghost reflection in the right side sliding glass door middle left just over wifeys left shoulder.


  2. Seems careless. I may or may not have a larger collection it’s just not something that needs advertising.To each their own though.


    • Exactly. Don’t show nothing. Okay, maybe show a few.

      But with people’s ability to find out where one is with just one photo by analyzing background and metadata and sacrificing small animals? No…

      It’s Nunya. Nunya business.


  3. There might be 1 or 2 nice looking ones on the roof. Otherwise it’s a huge collection of plastic ugly. Effective, no doubt. But plug ugly.


  4. I want it/ them to look pretty Buy the wood stocked weapons of your choice. If you want them for the purpose that they were made for then what is on display will be more than adequate.


  5. Guess they have a lot of weaponless friends they are planning on supplying. Or they expect these are a good store of value (which they are, if you can keep hold of them). That’s a lot of hardware to have to hide when the confiscations start.


  6. Just think of all the meth they could buy or the dental work they could have done. Truly members of the superior race.


  7. Their driveway, if you can find it from the road, is long and winding. Every person in the picture is a marksman. Even the little girl on the bike. I know. I teach younguns how to shoot. You don’t want to be on the confiscation task force in their area. Jussayin. Ohio Guy


    • Yeah, dad taught my sisters when they were of single digit ages. Years later, they could pick up their friends guns and outshoot all of them, no practice since being trained. They didn’t even remember being trained, it had been so long.


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