But Of Course!

It’s like the old saying goes, some days I wonder why I bother chewing through the restraints.

I had a couple of hours of studiously avoiding mowing the fucking lawn earlier because I have to work for ten hours tonight and din’t want to be wore out before I even got there so I decided to go out and see about getting some thickness measurements on the new lathe bed, using the new Harbor Freight Digital Micrometer I bought the other day.

Shouldn’t be too much work, right?

I open the thing up, give a cursory look see to check for obvious shit being wrong with it, get the thing zeroed out and proceed to take some measurements.

There is the usual fumbling around doing something unfamiliar but I figure it will come back to me soon enough.

I get the thing opened up, set it over the edge and start screwing the little knob on the end in to tighten it up.

Now it may have been a while but I am pretty sure I remember these things are supposed to have a little ratcheting mechanism in the handle to keep you from over tightening the thing and screwing it up.

I run it down, waiting for the little Clickety Click Click Click and it just keeps getting tighter.


I think maybe it’s just new, ya know?

So I give it a little more and still no Clicking.

WTF again.

I go to back the thing off and there it is, Clickety Click Click.

Now I am really, WTF?

So I backed it off, started looking at it close and fumbling with the thing when it dawns on me.

I don’t know HOW they did it, but they somehow managed to get the ratcheting mechanism in backwards.

Bigger than shit.





Throw the motherfucker back in the box, get on my phone, get into my Email and look up the damn receipt and grab my fucking keys.

Drive back over there and go through the exchange bullshit.

I should consider myself extremely fortunate that they actually had another one in stock.

I opened that fucker up and checked it right there in the middle of the aisle to make sure it wasn’t fucked up too.

Come back home and start all over again.

So I see one side of the ways is tapered . Thicker at the back and getting thinner going towards the Head Stock.

No surprise there.

The other side, with the prism seems to have a slight hump in the middle. That is a little surprising.

Either way, I see a back breaking, shoulder killing session or three of lapping in the Bed Ways.

Like this,

Oh I can hardly wait.

First I need to place an order or two for some essentials.

At my age, you don’t mess around with these things.

27 thoughts on “But Of Course!

  1. I’m not going to apologize for laughing.
    I’m just glad it’s not just me that has that kind of stuff happen to. Not every now and then, constantly dammit!!!


      • You got that right.
        I have to go get some lumber for framing a new deck. Over 400 miles round trip. I dread that drive. I’m about crippled by the time I get home.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I bought two construction grade 2X4 today that was better looking then the lumber yards “premium” grade for 9.95 a piece… I bought 2X2s last week for 4.05 a piece. Cheaper to buy a portable saw mill and cut your own!


  2. I buy a lot of stuff from Horror Fright, but I’m a calibration tech. I never, ever buy cheap precision measurement tools.


    • Amen to that, Tenn Budd.
      Starrett, Mitutoyo, or Brown & Sharp are the only brands I trust for precision work. My go to, is a set of dial Mitutoyo’s, Never have to worry about battery condition or scale contamination. I do have a few digitals. I also have an old pair of Starrett verniers, that are still bang on accurate.
      I do have a beater pair of calipers that came off of the Cummins Tool truck. They are for things I don’t want to beat my good equipment up for – like scribing a line on steel, measuring exhaust tubing, etc. I don’t feel bad abusing them. For $20 I’ll just toss them when they stop working.

      Whitehall, NY


      • I thought I would let ya know, I moved back to South Dakota yesterday, just hooked up the trailers and beat feet, it was that or spend the rest of my life in a Washington prison for killing that bitch of an ex wife…

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          • I’m glad that is working out for you.
            I wasn’t taking any chances so I made sure there was a whole other country between me and mine. Plus, she likes laying in the sand all day and looking like a burnt french fry so there’s that too.


          • yes egorr it went as well as it could with the long hours of back-country driving in the boondocks… I must have had the small cargo trailer weight distribution wrong as I could only get to about 65mph on I-90 with out that trailer swaying like an old disco dance floor. I didn’t want to pull everything out on the side of the highway to redistribute the load so I stuck to about 65. Your trip must have gone well too, The old brown Beaver did okay? Campers arrive yet?


  3. Phil careful with some of that Vet labeled consumer antiseptic/analgesic stuff. I bought some to use on a horse years ago and through shear luck came across info about not getting to much on you as there are repercussions in other human areas. You can get DMSO at those type of stores but their may be similar issues. My uncle used it for arthritis in his knee. DMSO used to be the main ingredient in WD40 don’t know if it still is.


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