11 thoughts on “Wrong Kind Of Bang

      • It cut his jugular.
        He stuffed his thumb in it and his father drove him to meet the ambulance.
        Guess his number didn’t come up that day.

        The ammo he was shooting wasn’t intended to be shot through a barrel with a muzzle brake. Way too much pressure build up.


        • Muzzle brake has nothing to do with it. Rifle exploded at the breech, which means chamber pressure exceeded mechanical strength at the back end of the gun. If the brake was to blame, the barrel would have blown out at the front end. No, either his ammo was way too hot, or the gun was a POS. Or both, though I’d lean towards POS from the look of the thing.


  1. Remington had a big deal the other day about how they were ramping up ammo production and the shortages would soon disappear. Showed factory workers milling about getting it done etc. Almost all of them were black folks. How very sad. The image of blacks being criminals at the vote counting stations may never leave me. Remington ammo can sit on the shelf because the idea that some radical blm clown got in there and altered some ammo to be unsafe is not far fetched at all.


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