7 thoughts on “Working On Your Own Car Can Be Very Rewarding

  1. One time changing oil I failed to notice that the old oil filter gasket stayed on the engine block. When I twisted the new one on it has two gaskets. The result was that as soon as I fired it up, I had six quarts of nice fresh oil on the garage floor in about ten seconds. I’ve had a good deal of respect for oil pressure ever since.


    • My first major cock-up as a young grease monkey was installing the wrong oil filter on a car. I still recall the ass chewing I got.


  2. Yeeaaahhh….I have done that a time or three! As of yet,I have never forgotten to replace the drain the plug.


  3. Just your regulation dumbass. That drain plug hole looked to be 3/4 or 1″ in diameter and he is using an almost flat funnel pan (I have one) that has no reservoir to speak of and a 1/2 inch inlet if that.

    I have a galvanized 6″ deep pan about 2 feet in diameter for trucks. Heck my BIL’s Dodge takes 11 quarts plus,


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