That Ain’t Your Grand Daddy’s Sling Shot

Veddy intedasting.

Off the shelf precision linear rods and bearings I see.

The trigger mechanism is what I am curious about and what is being used to hold the rods in place when it has been cocked.

Pretty cool if you ask me, I bet that thing would ruin your day if you were on the wrong end of it.

24 thoughts on “That Ain’t Your Grand Daddy’s Sling Shot

  1. I want one! Add a whisker biscuit and you can send a broadhead arrow down range with authority. Add a bow fishing rig and it’s fish fry Friday folks!

    Anybody know if that’s available?


  2. As an old Whamo! slingshot artiste in my youth I appreciate the concept, and wonder why somebody else didn’t come up with this before now. Absolutely brilliant!


  3. We used he handheld – forearm supported Whammo slingshot as kids and that was very accurate at this distance and beyond. This one is very cool.


  4. If you’re gonna fling anything bigger than a BB with it, then choose lead over steel ball bearings to prevent ricochet. The same reason not to use steel shot in your home defense shotgun.


    • Even looks like it has a California stock, because any launcher of any kind is “bad” and the root of the problem, rather than the ass-wipe behind the launcher. Just saying (/morning mini-rant)


  5. This is one of the mild ones, using only 4 bands. Flymar has models that use 24 bands, and one that’s a combo crossbow & slingshot that uses 16 bands. Some models use round tubing bands, some use flat ribbon bands. Pretty cool.

    Wonder what kind of velocity can be achieved with these things, and what kind of mass and size pellet they can launch? A half inch lead ball weighs about half an ounce. Get that moving at 500fps and it’s approaching the power of a blackpowder pistol. It’s a short range silent weapon,


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