She’s A Dirty Girl

Yeah yeah, perverts.

I’m talking about Alice,

Not Erin.

Although I would dearly love to give that a good scrubbin’.

Maybe a little paddling too.

Just for fun.

Anyways, back to Alice.

Not only was the thing filthy, I actually found some Cosmoline underneath a bunch of that shit.

After I finally got it cleaned up enough to see what was what, I found out she likes it rough too.

Sweet Jesus the amount of jagged flashing sticking out all over the thing was really something.

That’s just a small sample.

Out comes Ye Olde Harbor Freight Rotary Tool and away I went.

Much better.

I pretty much went around the whole thing looking for jagged edges that were just waiting to inflict a blood sacrifice sometime in the future when I was least expecting it.

Then I wiped it all down and got all the grit cleaned up.

Ya really don’t want any of that shit getting into the moving parts,especially the ones sliding on the ways.

There is a serious bath coming later as soon as I get a can of Paint Remover here and slather it on.

I already know I’m going to find some more BONDO under there somewhere. I have yet to see a piece of Chinesium machinery that doesn’t have at least a little bit on it somewhere.

They use it to fill in casting voids and to skin coat shit so it looks pretty after they paint it.

As a matter of fact I already had to dig a little bit out already.

Not too much though.

I’ll get the paint stripped off, look for anything drastic and then throw a coat of primer on it to keep shit from rusting while I get around to measuring everything.

I have already decided that the Blue paint is going away.

I’m liking this Hammered Silver and think the thing would look good with it.

That Tail Stock is going to wind up on it anyway.

I have to go to work here in about two hours so that’s all I had time for today.

I’ll be chipping away at it as I can.

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