Modern War Isn’t What You Think It Is

This is the kind of shit we are facing, right now.

You may remember hearing about a bunch of our War ships being swarmed by these little bastards recently.

They have been intruding on our forward bases in the Far Pacific also. Coming in silently at night and turning high powered spotlights on our most sensitive weapon placements, taking pictures of their locations and then turning the lights off and disappearing.

So far they appear to be recon missions but it doesn’t take much to weaponize them. The Mexican Cartels already have.

They are using them to drop HE “Lawn Dart” IED’s on their targets and attaching explosives to the drone it’s self, effectively turning them into remote controlled Kamikaze’s

One drone equipped with Infra Red and standard High Resolution cameras can replace a hundred soldiers on foot looking for someone in almost any territory.

I’m sure the ability to crop dust areas with chemical and Biological weapons is going to come into play eventually. There are enough sociopaths and psycopaths running around to virtually guarantee that.

This isn’t your Dad’s or Grandfathers battle space anymore.

The future is here now.

13 thoughts on “Modern War Isn’t What You Think It Is

  1. 10ga with #6 lead, full choke should be lethal to 150 feet. Also freq scanners with blocking for RF and GPS signals.


  2. I’m hatin this crap but it makes me glad to live “out in the sticks”. I know we aren’t immune to it but time will put a whole new face on it.


  3. I have long wanted a hand held EMP device to use for fools driving while on the phone or fools on the phone in movie theaters, just one with a single direction and a narrow width ti get just the asshat’s phone. May be time for someone to make one and start drone hunting.


  4. “This isn’t your Dad’s or Grandfathers battle space anymore.”

    Nope Phil, anymore it ain’t.

    Here’s some linked stuff telling the tale of ‘the impact’ (sorry couldn’t help the pun) of UAVs on the 21st Century battlespace:

    I’m reliably informed the Armenian troops even in very well constructed and camoed fortications/bunkers were sitting ducks and destroyed in detail.


  5. Yuppers. One group pass. At night. Spreading oh, I don’t know–COVID? Take your pick. AA trap loads aren’t going to cut it. Only defense is electronic signal jamming. This Ted Talk explains it well. Keep in mind this is from 2012.


    • I’m highly doubtful that some bubba could effectively triangulate a solution to a 250 mph bird. Jussayin. Ohio Guy


  6. Don’t panic yet fellas. I built these things for hobby for years. I’ve seen all the hype about them and – don’t be deceived. The laws of aerodynamics will not be denied. These things will not be dropping our squaddies like flies any time soon. If you want to drop meaningful ordinance on them, the little crapcopters won’t cut it. You can measure their payload in grams. Hollywood is doing a number on ya. It’s like when Arnie and Sly blow up buses – with a 9mm. It just won’t happen in real life.


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