A Small Project

Something you would think that would be easy and quick right?


Remember who is doing it.

My buddy Steve, who I have been friends with for about 30 years now and the guy who gave me the little Kennedy Top Box last weekend had a little something he asked me to do for him seeings how I have a lathe.

He has this decorative sword that has two blades sticking out of the handle. The main blade and some little fucker that is a dangerous little bitch when you are handling it, poking back at ya.

He wanted me to take the little blade off and make a new end for the main blade.

I looked around and didn’t really have what I wanted to do it with but did come up with a hunk of Aluminium round stock so in I started.

Of course it turned into a clusterfuck but I did manage to get an end on the main blade.

Nothing fancy but he said it works for him.

That little blade however, is gonna be a little fucker.

Typical Chinesium craftsmanship and materials.

They spot welded a long, thin, flat piece to the main blade and it has threads cut into the two edges that the handle screws onto.

I basically duplicated what you see there with the smashed up pin sticking out of it but made the tolerance tight enough to almost make an interference fit into the handle so it fits tight and stiffens the plastic handle up when the handle is tightened up.

It’s just a Wall Hanger, right?

First I am going to have to grind the edges of the little blade flush with the shaft.

Then I’m thinking about drilling and boring out a handle, recessing a stud down in it to thread in to the Metric threads and then locating and drilling that hole in the blade with the handle threaded on, cross drilling it and re pinning it. Then somehow machine it down flush so it blends in.

OR, I can drill that pin out, countersink the holes and run a small bolt and nut through the existing mess, tighten the shit out of it to clamp it tight and then make a handle that threads on over it with a counter bore.

I’m leaning towards that solution.

First I gotta come up with some material for a new handle.

It’s something for me to practice on anyway.


In other news…

I have been insanely busy and there is very serious family issue going on in the back ground that is the fact that my Step Mother is going to be crossing over here in the near future.

As in soon.

She is 80 years old and is suffering from several organs failing at the same time.

So be aware that my plate is rather full at the moment. This turned out to be the only day this week that I didn’t have a bunch of shit to take care of.

At this point it’s one day at a time until she passes and then a whole new can of worms is going to get opened up.

There’s no need to offer condolences at this juncture ,this has been coming on for a while now, it is what it is and it’s all a part of life.

I’m just giving you a heads up in case posting gets real spotty here in a bit.

6 thoughts on “A Small Project

  1. Might be worth the additional effort to drill out and countersink two bolt holes to minimize the twisting effect, not sure about that.

    Condolences offered anyway.

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  2. I anticipate Beans’ comments on this wall-hanger sword with bated breath. (Not baited, that would be after eating dodgy sushi….)
    Until that happy occasion, however, here is a bit of Skallagrim to tide you-all over.

    Basically, German fighting manual from the 1400s describes throwing the pommel to “end your opponent rightly.”

    “it is what it is and it’s all a part of life.”
    A wise and mature perspective, but it’s still never easy. Sorry.


  3. Sorry to hear of the imminent passing of your step mother. Be there if your relationship and proximity dictates it. It will bring you peace and closure. But I understand that step parent relationships can be difficult. I’ve held the hand of way to many passing patients because family was to distant or to busy to be there. But I pray for your peace of mind whatever the situation is. Had a patients son fly across the country to visit his dying mother. Me- your mother is dying. Him- will you have dinner with me. Whiskey tango foxtrot! Had to explain to the fucktard that I was married but I don’t wear my rings at work so I don’t accidentally lose them when I pull my gloves off. Bottom line- all men are appointed a time to die. We lost our 15yr old niece and my sisters 4yr old granddaughter. Shit happens. Peace to you.


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