I Can Assure You That It’s Temporary

I was way over due though.

Fucking Covid bullshit, It’s been damn near a year since I got my hairs cut.

All 3 at once anyway.

Looked like a damn Dandelion from the back.

There’s a sketchy looking bald headed old fart hiding under that mess.

My Super Cute little Barber, who also happens to be my Niece.

Careful now boys.

Yep, give it a couple of weeks and I’ll start looking like a Skid Row Bum again.

Like I give a fuck.

36 thoughts on “I Can Assure You That It’s Temporary

  1. If she’s entertaining marriage proposals, I’ll get in line. Fortunately for her, I’m half a continent away and happily single. Otherwise I’d love to have her for breakfast. I’ll cook her breakfast when I’m done.


  2. I know the feeling.
    Ever since I got out of the army ( late 80’s) I’ve kept a tight cut. Every 3 weeks
    Well since this flu panic,I went one time. Had to sit there and hold a mask to my face while the nice lady took the clippers to me. Haven’t been back and made a solemn promise that I wasn’t cutting my hair or beard again until I didn’t have to do the mask thing.
    I had to trim the beard a few inches maybe 2 months ago because I kinda caught on fire.
    But I’m about a full hippie now with hair completely over my ears and down past the collar.
    Not saying I like it but it a stubborn steak I have.

    Now if that pretty gal was to come to town and offer to shape things up, I would agree to whatever terms it took.

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    • Likewise. It’s been close to 3 years since I had mine cut. Can’t grow a beard worth a damn anymore since they radiated half of it away. Upside is I get twice as long out of razor blades now. If she can make a fly rod sing and skin a moose, I’d let her have a shot at my unruly mop. The 60’s called, cause they couldn’t text, and they want their hair style back.


    • I too have had stubborn steaks too, but some tenderizer and pounding it makes for a tender steak… Death, I don’t think you could afford her for one and you would have Phil as an uncle, let that sink in.


      • Uncle Phil and I would get along just fine.

        BTW your brother BIG was asking if anyone knew where you were hiding.
        He must be missing your charm.


        • Steak/Streak
          These damn 150 peepers must need a cleaning again.
          No way possible that I need stronger to see.
          Thanks buddy for using the hammer for the tenderizer


        • That is a new one on me, I read his blog every morn after Uncle Phil. I haven’t heard or got an email saying he missed me.


  3. Damn, Phil. You’ve got exactly the same head o’ hair that I do. But as my great Grandad used to say: “Grass can’t grow on a busy street!” Hope you tipped her extremely well.
    I can proudly claim that I haven’t paid for a haircut since 1980 when I got out of the Air Force. I’ve kept it tied in a ponytail since then, and once or twice a year I reach behind my head with a scissors and whack off whatever sprawl is irritating the back of my neck.
    I always used to look forward to long grey hair to be my license to be as crazy as I please, where people would whisper behind my back “Just leave him alone, the old fool doesn’t know any better”. But there isn’t enough left of it to even make a decent ponytail, so I just keep what’s left out of my way. It’s either tied back, or it’ll be Marine Corp regular.


  4. She did the best she could, considering what she had to work with. We all got the right to be ugly, but some people, me included, abuse the privilege. ROTFLMAO.


  5. Well shit and dip me in hot sauce! You clean up well. I myself give my own 1/8″ hair cut myself and trim my goat with a 1″ blade guard. 60’s hippies don’t call me and I won’t answer. I have always have cut my hair short even before it was cool to be buzzed. A more perfect head has to be displayed.


  6. very nice, you no longer look like you need a handout or help up. and like you, god help any fool
    who would hurt her. i have a few like her myself. and more than once i had to put the fear of god
    into some clown who thought otherwise. breaking a few fingers one at a time works well, i hear.
    after you get them focus on the problem that they are .my one daughter complained that boys
    never came back after meeting me. oh well.

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    • My granddaughter has been a rodeo queen, doing barrel racing and drill team riding. I used to say that any teenage twit who tried to get in her pants would wonder what hit him. She’s now righteously married to an upstanding young man who’s worth the privilege of being with her.


  7. Your hair must grow slowly. I looked like that after five months without a haircut last year. I usually only go every 10-12 weeks anyway, so that was only a little abnormal for me and I do my own beard.


    • Looking good Phil and in my minds eye I still envision Suzanne driving the T Bird in American Graffiti.


  8. Dayum…you look smart now. I shaved my beard and cut my hair way back when and one of the brothers at work wouldn’t stop gawping. Said I looked smart, like a professor or sumpfin.

    But seriously, get a wahl trimmer. Use it on the beard and your noggin. I got tired of paying a barber for my sparse patch.


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