The Pendulum Always Swings Both Ways

Against my better judgement, once again while out having a smoke, drinking coffee and going through my Email and shit, I come across this title and an article from The Hill.

Here is their headline,

On The Trail: Biden makes his ambitions clear

Yeah, OK, maybe let’s see if they have anything new on just what evil plans the Cabal has and see if The Thief In Chief can even remember his lines.

This is as far as I got.

“The most conventional president in recent history used his first address to …. “

And that’s when the coffee spewed and was immediately followed by a hint of vomit.

They need to change the name of their website from The Hill to Deep Throat.

Just one more example of Commie sympathizing propaganda artists, right?

During and soon after WWII, the French went after Nazi collaborators with a special zeal.

They knew that such individuals were an especially insidious internal poison.

They didn’t fuck around either.

The Usurper’s handlers and masters have systematically gone about demonizing Conservative, White Americans since the day he laid his hand on a coloring book in some movie lot, pretending to be sworn in as the President of this country.

They are using Lawfare in a seemingly new assault every fucking day.

What they can’t get done with that, they are using sureptiitous methods to fill in the gaps with.

In effect, they have declared war on us.

That little excursion into the Capitol by mere plebians on January 6th, 2021 and the completely over blown response to that being a prime example.

The Left has since gone completely Bat Shit crazy with their new found influence and we are virtually bombarded with salvo after salvo in fast moving Insanity Bombs.

I can’t even keep up with the intensity and pace of their Blitzkrieg of Wokeness

They have gone so far over board in their rush to completely take over that they are actually turning off their very own former followers.

All this in less that six months.

But hey, there’s the rub eh?

They are increasingly isolating themselves.

Normal people get intensely uncomfortable around crazy people.

It’s a self defense mechanism built in by Natural Selection.

That would indicate that the pendulum is approaching it’s apogee in it’s arc at the very least but who really knows the depth of their depravity?

Summer time is coming people.

I have seen several predictions that the whole Enchilada is going to go Pear shaped by July, at the latest.

Spicy Time is basically here, now.

If we prevail in the long run it would be prudent to remember who supported all these Genocidal machinations.

Especially so if it starts looking like we won’t.

23 thoughts on “The Pendulum Always Swings Both Ways

  1. By July, I can see the same happening to our illustrious msm talking heads and loathsome reporters as what happened to Nazi collaborators… biden collaborators, a fitting end to them all.


  2. The problem as I see it is that there are plenty of us who are fed up and are willing to make a stand but we have no leader. No organization and No Plan.

    In essence we are an angry mob. Even if somehow we could usurp the horde in DC and reset everything the problem is not just the politicians. It is the entire deep state. To ‘Fix’ the problem there has to be a plan in order to avoid chaos and potential communist take over which is what happened in too many countries that got fed up and revolted and lost in the end.

    I am not saying we should not stand up and make our feelings known. We must be careful to not open the door for some soothe saying smooth talking ‘leader’ who makes things worse in the end.

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  3. 2 thoughts.
    1. Every time people make fun of the French and call them Cheese eating surrender monkeys I
    think about those that fought in the resistance. That had to be some scary shit. Fighting the big
    Nazi war machine with no help in sight.

    2. Some folks I know got invited to sing the National Anthem at the first Saturday home game of a
    MLB team and they streamed it on YouTube so I watched that part. There was nobody at that
    game. Grocery stores around here are giving away Coca Cola products because they are
    stacking up in the aisles. Literally nobody watched the Oscars. CNN’s ratings are probably
    much worse than even they admit. I read one article that said people working at Fox News are
    worried about their jobs. The whole thing is going to collapse but it is going to be rough when it


  4. for a long time i have told people that stuff is better than money. paper is worthless unless you can
    buy something you need. you can’t eat gold or silver either. when this does break down, a lot of
    people are in for a very rude shock. you think ammo high now ? wait until it breaks loose.
    guns without bullets are nice sticks, you might get away with fooling some to thinking it loaded
    for a while, but, sooner rather than later you will be called out. god help you if you out of bullets.
    history shows us, the people you fooled are not going to be kind to you.
    that and we have a whole lot of people who have no idea of what to do to make things work now.
    most sjw’s have no idea how to keep the lights on or water on tap. and growing food ?
    it will end up thinning the dumb out rather quickly. things are coming to a head as my dad would say. so, find a good spot, plant a garden, stock up like your life depends on it- it does.
    you going to need more food than ammo (i hope ) and ways to make more of it.
    learn to barter, learn skills that are worth knowing. pray.


  5. In the Usurper’s speech the other night, he declared war and the administrations intentions clear when he said:

    “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute”.

    When the Usurper sends the DOJ/FBI after a guy like Rudi Giuliani for “failure to register as a foreign agent” after his son got away with lobbying for Ukraine and China to the tune of BILLIONS the whole time the Usurper was VP and didn’t register, it should be obvious that the black flag has been hoisted.

    All of this noise we’ve been hearing about “domestic terrorists” since January 6th and “white privilege” since forever is just greasing the wheels of tyranny.

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    • “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute”.

      As someone pointed out, if the 13th is not absolute, then slavery is back on the table. Thanks, Mr *President!


  6. Victimhood! Nazi’s! Collapse! Oh My!!!! You’ve been singing the same song for a long time. Can’t you even come up with new verse?


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