Ummm, No

This is why you wear clean T shirts, to wipe the greasy fingerprints off on.

Yep, I’m going to have to file that under this heading,

13 thoughts on “Ummm, No

  1. Another “no” here. As for the shave & dye job, um. . .yikes. If he was my son he’d be strapped in a chair and shaved bald so fast he wouldn’t know what happened. Or out on his keister and paying his own bills from that moment on. Maybe both. Yeah, definitely both.


  2. It’s from the government & it’s here to help. I couldn’t take anyone who looked like that seriously. Not for a single second.


  3. I am sure we are looking at a picture of Johno of Aussie land… No wonder he keeps mentioning frog cove or what ever it is called for men you swing that way.


  4. Cederq, you’d be a happy trout fisher if they bit as quick as you do at gayboy jibes. Hey, regarding local food sources as a standby lure, have you tried using french-fries as bait for Idaho fish?


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