13 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Call Me A Stupid Boomer Again

      • crazyeighter, yes we do. You may have heard of the concept of the ‘magic hour’. Were I to be granted such leeway, with the price of ammo nowadays, I’d need to take out a short mortgage to afford it! Others, better disposed, may only need to wear a stall over their trigger finger, to prevent blisters.


  1. Whoever raised that is a miserable fucking failure as a parent. For ANYONE to reach the age of 10 and not know how to operate a fucking HAMMER! HOW CAN THAT BE? What ever you do don’t let it cross the street. On second thought send it across 10 times a day, fix your fuck-up.


    • My thinking exactly. I can tell that guy grew up without a dad at a glance and I should know. Our whole culture has turned helpless and it’s been done on purpose. On the other hand my 27 year old was here this weekend on his 81 Honda 750 CB he rebuilt himself. It wasn’t running right so he tore into it, figured out he had a bad spark plug, got it changed out and up and running in a few minutes. I didn’t have to lift a finger. Just had to open the rollaway. Raise em right and you get to enjoy it later in life. I guess I’ll stop bragging about my kids now. Sorry. My point is that I have a certain satisfaction that this pathetic sad sacks dad will never know.


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