5 thoughts on “Wheel Chocks Are Comparatively Cheap

  1. I used to run warehouses most had flat plane access, so no huge issues like this. One had a slight incline down to the loading ramps. One time a clown decided to just open his rear doors, not pinning them back like a sensible person and crushed them against the loading dock when they swung open as he started down the incline. He tried to claim against us, very unsuccessfully and got himself banned from our company premises Nationally.
    Not as dramatic as this video, but we got a lot of laughs out of it!


  2. I used to work for a big freight company, the #1 guy (a dumbass) moved the chock and pulled out the trailer I was loading with a 4000 lb forklift. Quite a ride to the pad, I must say. He got a biblical ass chewing from me. I landed upright, drove next door where they had a ramp. No problems. Except he still worked there…


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