14 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why But Taco Bell Just Popped Into My Head

  1. Kinda looks like Jabba the Mud there at the end… Mud boils are fun, I had a small artesian spring on my property in Alabama and every once in a while I would get mud boils coming off the sides with red Alabama clay.


  2. Shout out to Burritos Brothers down in Gainesville FL!

    I had one of their burritos 20 years ago and it was damned good. So good that although it gave me food poisoning (the kind shown in the picture rather than the throwing up kind) but that burrito was still so damn good I went back later for another one after purging my guts of the first one.



    Apparently, where da fuck is I at is the wrong answer when you
    wake up in the hospital. Some shit happened, I got to shuttled 4
    seperate hospitals (1 per week..) The fact I could not remember
    them all led to a diagnosis of cognitive issues. That led to some
    fucking quack asking if I drink.. That became Sclerosis of the
    Liver after I said on again, off again my entire life. The Joe
    Biden of medicine blew his diagnosis like Linda Lovelace
    on Cocaine binge! A dude came in for a complete bloodwork
    and said it was a bad call.

    So now, my stomach is so full of gas and acid it feels like
    a steam boiler!

    What the fuck is .with these assholes? If you come in with a
    stubbed toe, they diagnose stool softeners? I already had
    intestinal issues so I became an instant shit geyser! Phone
    and SS card stolen and no contact info. Should I go on?

    With no Internet I decided to brain fuck my problems. The high
    gas pressure was a blessing in disguise. Dump a deuce (wet
    or solid) is a good thing. Take advantage of increased pressure
    and it becomes a win,win, win situation.


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