Did I Finally Do It?!

I was thinking something was wrong with my phone all night at work. It was eerily quiet all night.

Normally it makes noise off and on all night with notifications of Emails and/or comments that people leave.

Not last night, dead quiet.

So far this place has gone 13 straight hours without anyone leaving a comment, on anything.

Makes me wonder if I didn’t either piss off, irritate or disgust EVERYONE finally!

Of course you do know that it it would be a personal best.

Not that I have to work at it much.

22 thoughts on “Did I Finally Do It?!

  1. Meh…had new porn up I had to take care of.
    Didn’t know you needed the attention. If your legs were prettier or you didn’t have such a bony ass, maybe you could compete?


  2. Nope, didn’t think the posts needed any commenting as they were volumes.

    However, I will not be delinquent for observations in the future.



  3. So I’m not supposed to admit or talk about this until we’re home again, but we’re on the road for awhile and only occasionally have wi-fi. I’ll hurl more snark when I’m home.


  4. We throw you a bone every once in a while, we thought you needed a beauty sleep, because frankly you could sleep for a hundred years and your face wouldn’t be any better and you still have a scrawny ass…


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