Wonder How Long It Took To Find Out It’s Actually True?

Woe be unto the dumb motherfucker that doesn’t at least try to keep his wife happy.

Trust me on this.

16 thoughts on “Wonder How Long It Took To Find Out It’s Actually True?

  1. My wifely unit just told me she doesn’t keep her happy… must be because I’m now retired and underfoot. Can’t understand why!


  2. Heh. There is a wonderful line in the book “The Princess Bride” by: S. Morgenstern (the movie is a classic too). When the old couple who raised Wesley pass away, the second to go passes within a few days of the first. The folks in the local village agreed that the second one died from “:lack of resistance”.

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  3. I am truly blessed as I don’t have to pretend to make a little lady happy and can live a semi normal life of sleeping in late, watching what I want on the old telly, take showers when I can’t stand myself and not have to mow the lawn that month and can sit on the shitter without feminine products or clutter that invariably manifests.


    • Separate bathrooms. Unbelievable how many items a woman can perch 2/1000’s of an inch from falling in the sink or on the floor.


    • A spirit in kind are you Cederq. I almost made that mistake once, then figured, naaaahhh, ain’t worth the heartache. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a wifey unit, it just don’t work out well for me. Didn’t work out well for my Grandpas brother either, a confirmed bachelor his entire life. Must be a latent DNA gene somewhere…


  4. When you find someone whose sole purpose in life is to make you happy, and yours is the same to them, there’s nothing better in this life.


  5. Keys to marriage: you have to make 3x more money than she can spend, and hope she never finds the 2x you’re saving.
    Find an intelligent one, they all come with the same equipment.
    Never miss a good opportunity to shut the fuck up.

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    • “Never miss a good opportunity to shut the fuck up.” Truer words, but women find that as an excuse to state: “YOU never LISTEN!” Ya just can’t get off the fem-carousel. It is a relentless ride and there is no light at the end of the tunnel as you pray it is a four engine freight train barrelling on a high-ball…


  6. With over half of women, the motto is “I’m not happy till you’re not happy.” As the divorce rate attests.

    Pass, thanks.

    And they’re the same ones who spend their entire lives after that wondering why “all the good men are gone”. And not coming back. Ever.

    For anyone who still has the itch, do a trial marriage first: find a woman you hate, buy her a house, and see how you feel about that. If that suits you, go ahead, roll the dice, and tie the knot.


  7. Heh. It seems as if the primary job of every spouse, that is – making sure their partner makes it to Heaven, has been overlooked here. Except for anon, at 7:24, who substitutes “Happy” for making it to Heaven.

    Life is a box of chocolates, and all that.


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