Bye Bye Caballero

Guy knocked on the door wanting to know if it was for sale.

More Gypsy types.

We haggled pretty hard and I damn near walked away twice but it was time for that thing to go.

$2200 cash instead of $2900 because I lost a coin toss.

Guy thinks he smoked my ass.

Good for him.

Either way it’s one less thing to mess with and that is worth it all by its self.

19 thoughts on “Bye Bye Caballero

  1. Phil ,Never thought I’d see you let go of it. But you got a good deal on the pickup so you really don’t need both. Especially with the tax and licensing on it. Like drjim says, when is the Sprites turn? Allan

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  2. Phil, the Bronco is long gone, now the Cabellero. When you sell the (demon spawn) Sprite, Cederq will be lost, bereft of inspiration for snark. He wouldn’t dare to remark on your Chevy.

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      • That sounds like Grog! I wasn’t stirring, but now I am; Cederq’s bullbar is so gay, he should mount it at the rear, in case of close tailgaters.


        • I am going to import my Chevy, find you and chase your scrawny ass until my gay bar is planted firmly in your arse and then run down a water buffalo then I will die a happy man…


          • I’ve been assured by high level government officials that there will be no issues with importing the chevy and all travel restrictions will be lifted for our entry.
            They will even have a large crowd on hand to push him in the road.
            They all ready have composers writing songs that will be sung on the new national holiday.


  3. Sometimes ya gotta cut down the fleet. I’m getting ready to replace the 03 4WD Tacoma. We’ve been through a hell of lot. I’ve driven it up mountains and down streams, through ponds and across fields of snow and it has never ever gotten stuck or let me down. I don’t even know how many scout camp outs it’s been on. One time I inherited a piano and stuck it in a trailer and dragged halfway across Texas. After a quarter million miles the engine and tranny are getting weak and the interior is completely shot and I’m going to be getting my retirement vehicle. I’ll keep it around for now. My older son wants to rebuild it.


  4. Broke Back Bronco is gone, the Gay Caballero is history. The Sprite, Deathray and I talked and want to send to the John of Commode so that he has something that matches his personality and mechanical ability to push to the local library to bedevil and harass us…


  5. You’ll be too late, Cederq. By the time you got used to driving on the left, well I’ll be long dead by then, but you’d pick up good money for your ute. Or you could just park it outside your new worksite, working the gay beach with your pal Deathray. I already put in a job application for you, they liked the photo of your Chevy’s blingbar.


    • I’ve driven in Merry Old England and Wales, wasn’t that hard to learn to drive on the wrong side of a road and the backward as ass controls on a car.


  6. Ah, but don’t forget, you’ll be upside down when you’re driving on our roads. And the speed signs, you’d rack up the fines running your MPH speedometer to the KM/H signs posted, ‘cepting the Northern Territory, where the only limits are the valves and bearings in GM engines.


    • My speedometer is also calibrated in gay kilometers. I guess if someone has a wild hair up their ass and wants to go to Canada we can follow your slow assed speeds ya’ll seem to want to follow your queen’s absurd backward driving styles ya’ll seem to want to drive.


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