Rain Delay

To be honest, it ain’t breaking my heart one bit either.

I have been Go Go Go all week and I could use a break.

I keep forgetting that I am 61 fucking years old now but my body has no problem reminding me of that fact.

So I just went out and checked the status of that fence post after I mixed up and poured a bag of concrete in there yesterday.

Ees No Bueno Amigos.

When I pushed on the top of the 4X4, it flexes.

That ain’t gonna cut it.

The wooden gate that mounts on it is a heavy bitch. A flexing 4X4 is going to be a problem.

So I am thinking I am going to have to build a damn form and pour more concrete around it and maybe even bolt a damn brace to the back side to stiffen things up.

This is why I didn’t want to use a 4X4 in the first place but I also didn’t want to have to pay upwards of a hundred bucks for a 6X6 .

Not to mention I am just as lazy as the next guy. Once I got the old post yanked out it was just too convenient that the hole was already there still to just slide a new one right in it.

Not to mention the Old Guy across the street gave me a pressure treated 4X4 to use so I didn’t gave to go buy one.

But, that is going to have to wait now.

It’s been busted off since late last fall when one of the many wind storms we get around here knocked it over.

It ain’t like there is any giant hurry.

I am pretty wore out from all of this anyway, first thing yesterday was loading the truck up with all the stuff that had to go when the fridge died plus a bag or two out of the garage. I spared you the commentary on the now standard clusterfuck that it has turned into just to get into the waste transfer station.

It’s a minimum forty five minute fiasco trying to get in the place with traffic backed up both ways .

It is literally just a matter of time until there is going to be a multiple vehicle pile up in front of that joint when someone gets tired of waiting and tries to cross over from the Left Turn Lane into someone else in a hurry trying to get around the line waiting to turn Right into the joint.

Hopefully I won’t be there to participate in that.

So I think I am going to do some lounging today.

My back is sore and a nice nap sounds great.

I am sure I will wind up out in the Disaster Zone at some point. A new path way needs to be kicked into it and I need to put away a whole bunch of tools.

It would be nice to be able to pull all of the tool boxes out and go through them, rearrange them all and move things around so I can get to it when I need something but I might as well wish for a winning Lottery ticket .

The odds of either happening are about the same.

12 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. I use pea gravel instead of concrete.And sometimes a rock at the bottom for setting height. As you gently rock the post the pea gravel tightens up as it settles.


  2. Very heavily screw a 2×4 to the backside, then a 2×6 to the side (forming an “L” with the 4×4 in the pocket). Use 3” or longer screws and place them in pairs, side by side, and no more than 8 inch’s in between pairs. This will stiffen it up greatly. Btw, that 4×4 looks to have large knots contributing to the flexing.


  3. If no go with concrete, use dry sand. Put post in position, pour dry sand around post and tap with a 3 pound hammer. Keep tapping and watch sand flow in around post. When done, a tractor will not lift post out of ground. Solid and rigid, only movement is flex of post. Of course this is how we did it back when creosote posts were round and the bigger end was put in the ground. Kinda like an upside down wedge per say. Still once done, won’t come out.


  4. You are NOT making MY birthday happy.
    I have a project that will need FOUR 6×6. Plus a lot more lumber and labor.
    But at 64, I am enjoying a rainy day off.


  5. As has been stated, double up the 4×4 with a 2×4 . Another possiblity is use a thin sheet of #10 or even 1/8 on the side to stiffen it up.
    And I hear they make pills for that too….


  6. A steel pipe would probably have been cheaper than a 6×6 treated 10′ post, but that is in the past now. Concur with using 2×4 and 2×6 stiffener with screws and a crapload of construction adhesive


  7. Gotta stiffen it… Set it up like a ranch gate or fence corner. If you put an overhead to the opposite gate post, you’ve got a box. Lots stronger. If you don’t want a height limiting cross bar, then tie the gate post to the first line post with a cross bar and tension bands. It really beefs it up. Look at pictures of ranch and farm fence corners. It’ll look like a capital H with wire going corner to corner twisted up to tighten it. Pro tip: use a piece of pipe to wind up your tension bands. It lasts longer than wood.


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