Catching Up On My Thank You’s

Of which I am inexcusably remiss.

A week, week and a half ago?

A reader named Ron got a hold of me and wanted to send me a little token of appreciation.

This, is no mere token.

This, is so very cool, that it took my breath away when I opened the box.

I hadn’t completely forgotten about them but I had set the box on top of my tool box for safe keeping and promptly got distracted.

I remembered to get them a bit earlier while I was just sitting on my thumb and give them a harder look see.

I’m telling you, if there was ever someone who could use the knowledge crammed into these 4 little absolutely gorgeous leather bound tomes, it’s me.

And they are, gorgeous.

They are also in excellent condition.

They start with the basics and very quickly move on to Master Carpenter territory.

There are even sections about the old machinery from back in the day and I found one section that promises to be especially relevant here in the not too distant future.

I have something very similar buried out there in the garage that needs some love.

But they are especially near and dear to my heart because they are small, easily transported and can actually be used right out in the shop while you are learning for reference if one so desires.

I personally don’t trust myself that far and because they are in such beautiful condition, I am going to make sure they are well taken care of.

I believe one of the first things I am going to use them for is to try and make a small book shelf because I am starting to get a collection going and they all need one place to be.


I already absolutely treasure them.

Now for Round Two.

I have a friend ( I know, surprise huh?) that I have known for 25 years at least who called me up earlier.

It’s been a few months since we have seen each other but it doesn’t matter how long it goes, it’s one of those Friend You Can Count On things.

I know a lot of people but I only have a few friends, know what I mean?

Steve is one of those .

Anyway, he called me up and wanted to know if I wanted a little Kennedy top box he picked up somewhere dirt cheap.

Silly question, of course I do!

I went over there and the poor bastard is just all fucked up.

Somehow slipped a disc in his neck a while ago.

Absolute Misery.

He’s in so much pain we had to cut my visit short so he could go lay down but not only did he give me the top box, he called his kid to go pick up the bottom box from the back of another rig at another buddy’s place.

He also gave me a little Harbor Freight drill press he picked up dirt cheap that had just been sitting in the back yard under a plastic drawer.

He gave me a little project to do for him and when I get to that I’ll share the results if it turns out.

When I get done with it then I’ll take it to him and pick up the bottom box.

I’m still in shock as it is.

I couldn’t believe this Kennedy box.

It’s all there except the lock and I stopped and picked one of those up on the way home. I gotta modify the lever to make a hook but that will be simple enough.

The drill press needs cleaning up but that is going to work out good because I have been kinda wanting a little tiny one to throw small stuff on. The big one I got can be a pain in the ass to just throw something little on and punch a hole in.

Very cool also!


More projects but hey, I’m not passing up Free Stuff like this and that little box will be full before I go to bed tonight guaranteed.

Now I just gotta find a place to put this stuff.


A little Update,

After about an hour and a half of sanding, scrubbing, lubricating, adjusting and just plain cleaning, I’d say it turned out OK.

The one thing that kills me about seemingly all these Chinesium drill presses is that they spin way too damn fast.

The slowest speed on this thing is 750 RPM.

The same as my big Drill Press. That one is Japanese and at least forty years old though.

High speed is over 3,000 rpm!


It ain’t a damn Dremel Tool, who needs to spin a drill bit that fast?

But I can’t beat the price and I will sure as hell get some use out of it.

11 thoughts on “Catching Up On My Thank You’s

  1. On Amazon Audels Carpenters and Builders Guide, 4 Vol. Set (A Practical Illustrated Trade Assistant on Modern Construction for Carpenters. Joiners. Builders, Mechanics and All Wood Workers) by Frank D. Graham and Thomas J. Emery
    3.2 out of 5 stars 3
    Leather Bound


  2. You could always machine a new set of pulleys for the drill press. My RIGID has 4 or 5 belt positions and currently spins around 120 RPM and I think will go slower.


  3. After seeing them I to looked them up, would like to have a set just for the knowledge and holy shit Phil. I am behind on reading so glad someone posted the info. That bound knowledge may come in handy for humanity soon. Aren’t human beings awesome, how could people be assholes in this world instead of human beings I will never understand. We need to just get rid of them to reduce that gene pool.


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