Tenths, Not Degrees

Brain fart trying to think and talk at the same time.

Kinda makes me glad I don’t have the teeth to chew bubble gum anymore.

I’d be all fucked up.

8 thoughts on “Tenths, Not Degrees

  1. So what you are saying, or, what I am hearing and reading you can’t make chips, dial in a head-stock and stand at the same time


    • I had just been concentrating on sticking my new phone in between the bottom of the mill head and a spinning chuck to get the shot of that dial indicator.


      • Thats one big assed lathe. I did a number of years back visit a shop to have a flywheel balanced & spotted a lathe in their backroom. Inquiring about it turns out it had 24 ft ways, or would take a piece of stock 24 ft. and a few inches long with a swing about 3 ft radius. They used it, and made a cannon on it, because they could. Used the cannon to shoot bowling balls…..


  2. Had a guy tell me that half a thou was good. Tenths are better.
    Then I had a job where a certain machine was calibrated to +/- .002mm. That is .000078″ . Got to where I could shoot the point, rotate 90 degrees, reshoot, calculate the offset and adjust it into spec in one try. Of course there were days where it took right off and took forever to dial in. Don’t miss that place one bit.

    Good to see progress being made, Phil. We’re proud of ya. Keep it up!

    Whitehall, NY


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