I’m Trying To Figure Out Why I Need To Get One Of These

So far I’m coming up empty.

Guess I’ll have to keep working on that.

25 thoughts on “I’m Trying To Figure Out Why I Need To Get One Of These

  1. I saw one on a YouTube. A mechanic used it to rip into a box and wreck the carrying case for a cordless ratchet . Think about how much more fun busting stuff outta those blister packs would be. Hell, that plastic is what they ottsta make cars out of.

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      • Well f#ck… My bad. Guess that’s what I get for searching the net at 2AM while drinkin’, should’ve known it was too good to be true. Sorry for posting a bunk link y’all.


        • Well, I don’t KNOW it’s a screwin, yet,, The confidence rating is Really Low for the site but I didn’t see it Absolutely is a ripoff. The low score is because it’s so new. Not anyones fault but my own if I get screwed. I had that
          Dude, you’re playing a risky game
          feeling. Three or so in the morning back givin me Hell in spite of the alcohol,
          I want one . I got excited. May have screwed myself, but it is my responsibility for it if I did.
          Of COURSE if I Do get screwed
          And you just can’t get past the guilt
          I’ll hook you up with my address and you can send a gift card for the local bottle barn..

          I can see it now..

          I can’t believe I got so excited I didn’t look up replacement parts before I started punching buttons..


  2. Why do you need any of the other thousand tools in your shop?
    You use 90% of them once a decade.
    You need it because it is cool and you might need it someday.


  3. I’d take it to a steak house in case I thought the steak was tough. Lol take the blade off and just hack away on a plate of meat and watch the looks from other patrons. Good times. Lol


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