12 thoughts on “So It’s Not Just Me Then

    • DING! DING! DING! We have a WINNER!

      Weather forecasting is the only profession employees get to be wrong/inaccurate the majority of the time and still get paid.

      I check it in the morning when I get up for the temp and general forecast. Then, later, when out and about, invariably say, “Yup…the fuckers were wrong again…”


  1. Turn off the TV. Your IQ jumps dramatically, and you get a shitload more time back in your day to do other things that matter.
    Get your weather from going outside, learn to predict it based on living life out IN it.
    Remember…there is no bad weather, only a bad choice of clothing to be out in it….
    ….and the only good forecast is the one where the recap yesterday’s weather.

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    • I cut the cord quite a long time ago, don’t own a TV. My stress is way, way down. Liars on TV were making me pissed all the time so I took the TV out behind my barn. I shot it, damn near to it’s individual atoms. Made me feel better!

      Now if I could only find some ammo….


  2. I get my WX from the source: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/ Find your local office and read their technical discussion. It’s what the TV talking heads try to translate into dumbed down English. It took me a while to learn their jargon as it’s liberally salted with acronyms and meteorological terms, but once I learned to read it, it’s all you need.
    As a pilot though, I’ve said for decades that you can get an accurate forecast about six hours ahead. Beyond that, the educated guesses get fuzzier by the hour.


  3. It’s becaus the weather is the ONLY part of news programs worth watching, so why bother sitting down and getting comfortable? Lately when the wife changes over to CBS news I get up and walk away.


  4. But are you shushing everyone in house? And then call the weather weenie an idiot because the storm pattern they are watching is coming in from the wrong direction for that time of the year.


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