If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another

The damn fridge died two nights ago.

The rental management outfit was actually pretty much on the ball for once but of course it had to turn into a shit show.

Apparently the new one that is coming doesn’t have an ice maker function so they sent someone out to disconnect the waterline behind the fridge because Lowes doesn’t do that. They are bringing the new fridge and hauling off the old one.

I was informed of all this Via Email after I got to work last night.

The guy they sent out to disconnect the waterline?

My favorite Inspector dude who I have been butting heads with since we moved in here five years ago.

Of course.

I was sorely tempted to just reply that I would do it myself but fuck that, let them be responsible in case something happens.

So he gets here, we are at least pleasant to each other.

I told him that I could have done this but I kinda got late notice. He said he was wondering why I didn’t also because as he says, “You have more tools than I do”.

Yeah, well.

So He starts in, I wind up getting a screw gun out for him to take the filter head off the wall but then he wants to cap the valve at the wall.

It’s a 1/4 compression fitting.

I went out in the garage to see if I had one and pretty soon there he is.


That garage is a disaster too.

I came up with something but he didn’t like it so he had to run up and buy one.

Since that quickly turned into a little shit show I’m glad now that I just let him do it.

I didn’t even bother saying anything when he put Teflon tape on the threads of a compression fitting….

Not my circus.

On his way to the car he asked me about the gate that the post had rotted off of last Winter.

I told him that was my next project, that I spent all weekend last week doing lawn work. He was surprised that the owner hadn’t authorized someone to come do it.

I said whatever, I’ll take care of it.

I think he could be a decent guy, we probably got off on the wrong foot.

My gut says don’t trust him though.

I’m going with that.

So now we wait for the new fridge and the next round of entertainment.

11 thoughts on “If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another

  1. If you had a dog instead of that little bird killer and the dog acted off toward this guy then you know he is a douche canoe…


  2. Teflon tape on the threads of a compression fitting…

    Isn’t it the barrel that makes the seal on a compression fitting? I can’t recall using teflon on anything but dis-similar metal and other mechanical fittings.


  3. Just replaced the fridge in my rent house yesterday. Lowes showed “in stock for pickup” but that was a lie. I had to wait a few days for it to come in. Fortunately the tenants told me it was failing in enough time they could wait a couple of days.

    In the last two years, that’s one microwave/range hood, one dishwasher, one clothes washer, two dryers, one thermostat, one ac condenser fan, leaks behind the shower controls, and now the fridge. About the only thing left is the water heater or the air handler. Either of those will be a real bitch because they’re in the attic.

    One of these days, the speculators calling almost daily to buy my property will name a number that will match what’s in my head and I’ll be rent house free again…



    • C’mon, it was in stock… in the warehouse…

      I’ve been offered $450K for my humble abode, I’m tempted. Call PODS, stuff the Motor Home with basic necessities, go on tour.
      I paid $173K for the house ten years ago. 3.5% interest rate. With PITI, about $800/month, but the bozos at City Hall are raising the property taxes. Again.


  4. ´´I didn’t even bother saying anything when he put Teflon tape on the threads of a compression fitting….´´

    Thats kool, he pbly reads your blog


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