For Death Ray

Yeah dude, I dunno. Just off my feed lately or something.

Thanks for the missive, I been saving this one so here ya go.

8 thoughts on “For Death Ray

  1. I sensed that. I was hoping to cheer you up a little.
    Thanks for the tune. It was rather smooth and I needed that myself. Good timing.


  2. Phil, just a heads up: don’t ever send him a video clip of snakes slithering around, ‘cos you’ll have to replace his laptop/monitor. His older one will have his ex-army machete buried in it. Now if it really was in his lap at the time, well… might be a few other things need replacing too, but at least his poor (now deaf) dog would find a tasty morsel to snack on!


  3. So that’s the reason I’m all but blind in my left eye now? I can just see a bit on the peripherary, that and the mild cataract in my right eye means it takes me a long time to click out a text message. I’m in the market for an old beater wheelchair, so I can get to the library. Not to listen to your or Phil’s ‘music’ on their computer (you nwe me for earpieces that I had to buy), but to borrow some of their large-print books for blind old farts.


    • Get yourself a better phone first, then you won’t even have to get out of your hospital bed. We’ve all been waiting over a year for that to happen and now it’s a third hand wheelchair?
      You’re gonna be buzzard food before either one happens.


  4. No buzzards here Deathray, you get corvids and raptors instead. But if you’re immobilised through injury or in shock, the first opportunists to grab an easy meal are the beef ants, straight into your eyes, nose and mouth, then your old fella and arse. That is well before death arrives, old Ma Nature is usually a real bitch. Mind you, even the harsher interior of this country has a stark beauty, if you imprint it into memory for recall, the bastard crows having plucked your eyes out if you can’t prevent it. No wonder there is a universal glee at turning them into a sudden puff of black feathers. You caught some ermine for your pal Doktor Unfuck yet?


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