I Know Which One I Would Want More

And it wouldn’t be this one.

This is much more to my liking.


Keep It Simple Stupid

I’m trying to drive here people, not program a fucking computer at 70 miles an hour.

24 thoughts on “I Know Which One I Would Want More

  1. I like computer controlled engines, bluetooth and audio controls on the steering wheel, horses and handling. Agree on the over-technology on the dash.
    And it seems the only stuff they advertise about high priced cars anymore is the electronic crap. If I wanted that, I buy an inexpensive car and add the tech myself.


  2. My brother bought a Lexus SUV a couple of years ago. Not the big one. He said he had to take a class of either two or four hours (I forget) to learn all the systems. Why, when I got my classic 2002 Durango three years ago, I was able to operate it right away but we still don’t know what all you can do in our 2016 Camry.


  3. If you want a high tech video game, take up instrument flying. Nothing out the windows but white fog, a panel full of dials and radios, and no reset button: this game WILL kill you if you’re stupid.


  4. Had the car in for dealer service last week, and because it was going to be two days, took a loaner.
    It had the same video-game dashboard the last few loaners have had — which I hate.
    Took me awhile to find a suitable radio station — and most of that time was spent finding the tuner.

    Then I had to push a button to put it into “Sport” mode so that it felt at least a little like a BMW.

    When I returned it, I commented that there was no tire/road communication through the steering wheel, even in “Sport” mode.
    Found out it’s drive-by-wire.

    My service rep was actually shocked to hear that I like to feel the road, and what the car is doing, when I drive.

    I drove away in my “genuine” BMW, with the realization that BMW is now selling “The Ultimate Driving Machine” to people who don’t like to drive.


  5. I wonder what happened to don’t talk on your cell phone when you drive. Seems like that dash would be a hell of a lot more distracting.


  6. I am working as hard as I can to restore a 74 Stingray convertible, I have rebuilt the suspension and replace all universals in the driveline. I am working on the brakes. When they are finished it goes to a master small block engine builder to take the engine apart and fix my mistake of stripping the Harmonic Balancer on the crank. There was a time I could have gone larger drilling and Heilicoiling but I am afraid that skillset is no longer with me. Plus it has been 4 years since I put this mill together and I am sure the install lube is no longer where it needs to be.

    This car has sat 3 different times for a total of 39 years. I want to have it back on the road this summer. The engine should be in the 400-425 hp range going through a 4-speed Rock Crusher to a 4:10 posi rear. I am trying to justify a $3k 5-speed upgrade over a 3;30 ring and pinion swap at a later date. I gotta get it on the road first


  7. Guy I used to know from the SCCA days had a slogan: “The parts you leave off save weight and cause you no trouble.”

    The problem comes when the #%*& bastards put all those @&$% parts in to begin with.


    • We kids inherited our grandparents ’63 Rambler station wagon. With the fold down backrests of the split bench front seat. Reach across your date and pull the lever on the side…fooomp! Greatest makeout machine around.


  8. When I wrecked my truck the insurance got me a loaner- a new Durango.

    I can’t stand that video game controls. They take too much attention off the road.

    It was chilly one morning as I took off. A few miles up the street, I’m sensing my ass is burning up and the steering wheel is hot. So I look down for the seat warmer controls, no lit switch like my toyotas have. So I’m driving up the road, trying to pay attention as I’m stabbing at the display like a chimp on crack. It was a few menus deep. WTF.

    I’m on the prowl for an old truck or van. Simple controls. Internals simple as a butter churn. I’m feeling I’ll need it in the coming years. Tough to find at a good price these days. Even a ’68 ford van, all crapped up and rusty was going for $3k.


  9. All this shit is designed for you to be reliant on the dealer network to repair everything that goes wrong. So tell me why you need a truckload of relays and solenoids interspersed throughout to take an electric signal from a switch to a relay to a device or a solenoid to activate a device when a simple switch and run of wire would accomplish the exact same thing without all the extra bullshit. And everything needs to run through a fuse box as well, increasing the amount of fuses by about 700…. And now, instead of 2 wires to run your taillight you need 4, cause you need a “special” wire to tell the fuckin idiot light on the dash your taillight ain’t workin. When if you look at the indicator light on the dash, when it flashes fast, you got a damn bulb out. Either front or back your chance of getting it right are at least 50%. SO we now got cars that are supposed to be lighter for fuel economy and they are loaded up with computers and electronic bullshit increasing the weight. Am I missing something here?????
    Gimme a 48 Dodge 1 ton flathead with dual carbs & 4 speed any day.


    • Nowadays, if you don’t “speak” CAN buss you might as well hang it up.
      Drive-by-wire is fine for airplanes, but not for cars.
      I guess I’m a Neanderthal. Ook ook.


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