There Comes A Point Where Self Preservation Kicks In

I think I’m there.

I noticed it a few days ago.

Open up the phone to check the news the other day while I was savoring my first cup of coffee and cigarette and start checking Emails, the news etc.

I seem to have collected several news feeds on my Email I noticed.

Almost all of them had headlines concerning the antics of the Democrats or else the antics of the Republicans in response to the antics of the Democrats.

The same thing this morning just a few minutes ago.

I glanced at several as I was scrolling through and it just hit me.

I Don’t Give A Fuck.

It’s all bullshit designed to keep me preoccupied.

Every fucking bit of it.

Kabuki Theater Writ Large.

The Republicans are gonna do this, the Republicans are gonna do that.

Horse shit, the Republicans aren’t going to do anything other than roll over on their backs and piss all over their bellies just like they have been doing for 50 fucking years.

The Democrats are going to continue their march towards full blown Communism and Totalarianism, just like they have been doing for the last 50 fucking years.

And ya know what?

I just don’t fucking care anymore.


Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, ignore, ignore, ignore.

It’s too far gone to save at this point and an especially acrimonious national divorce is going to be the final play in my personal lifetime.

Acrimonious as in bloody and violent.

That’s what they want and that’s what they are gonna get.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes aye?

The Grand Prize in this game is going to be a Gold plated Booby Prize no matter what happens.

I have too many other things to do that are immensely more pressing and urgent than to waste my time paying attention to this bullshit.

These people get paid to play this game, I don’t.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to set this little box of instant infuriation down and go out into the garage.

Fuck ’em all.

44 thoughts on “There Comes A Point Where Self Preservation Kicks In

  1. yup. they can’t wait to start rounding us up for bad or wrong thinking. my last tv died about 10-12
    years ago, never brother getting another one. it all bullshit anyway. hell, i even take the weather
    with a grain of salt. i remember my dad laughing at the big freeze we where going to get and die
    from in the 1960-70’s. and we are still here, after what ? 20 something “we all going to die” crap.
    too tired, too banged up to care anymore. but when they start, i don’t think it’s going to go the
    way they seem to think it will. still, they might start off well in the cities, come to the country is another thing. why i moved out of the city. that and it was going to shit fast.
    it does seem like they in a hurry to start it though, shows they know nothing of what happens
    when it does go south.


  2. Haven’t read the whole post, but I got there a couple of weeks ago.
    Need to keep on eye on them, but they are not going to listen to the peeons.
    I’ve been getting involved in local stuff. Just as corrupt but I can look the crooks in the eye.
    Still hasn’t changed much, but maybe soon.


    • Until the liquor starts ailing you. My dad was an alcoholic–it killed him. I’ve seen where that road leads. It destroyed my family.

      I would never tell anyone not to drink, if that’s what they want to do, but please don’t let it control you. For your own sake, and your family’s sake.

      Sorry, Sandy, didn’t mean to preach at you, but the comment stirred up old memories that I wouldn’t wish on anyone else.

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      • So sorry catslave! Didn’t mean to offend. Sorry that brought back bad memories. It was a poor attempt at a joke. Mea culpa 🥺
        I’m actually a light drinker.


        • I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry………….somebody lectures you and you immediately grovel, your default position?
          Anyone else notice a common thread here with the Karens?


            • You two are going to do well when some 200 lb sheboon is trying to make jerky out of your ass. Good luck with all the feelz good and apologies, Karen.


              • Wow. Where do I begin. With the risk of our kind gentleman host Phil blocking me from his site, here I go. Wyomarine you a are royal fucktard. Being emphatic, compassionate and apologizing does not make one a ‘Karen’. It is simply a human trait, albeit maybe a female trait.

                I would never back down to a sheboon or a fucking asshole male baboon. I don’t back down and I don’t take prisoners. My USMC vet husband has schooled me well on self defense.

                Don’t get laid much do you.

                Sorry Phil but I don’t tolerate dickheads much.

                Love ya Phil!


        • No offense taken at all, Sandy. No apology needed. I’ve been enjoying the repartee on this blog. and don’t mean to be a wet blanket.


  3. I’m gonna second your idea… tired about a month ago. Too bad the brain still likes those endorphins when I look at the news feeds. Here in central Texas; ‘m beginning to notice a more “steely resolve” in the “old guys”. They used to be agreeable to chatting about the demoncrats and their spawn…, not so much


  4. Since November, maybe a week’s worth of catching Tucker (usually whichever ol’ lady’s got supper around that time) that’s been all the cable tv news I’ve got and to tell y’all the truth I think I’m the better for it.

    I occasionally try to get my “local” tv news, when weather figures to be a factor but even then heck, more often I’m a step ahead of whatever they’ve got to say. No magic just there’s a bunch of friends (& associates) clear west of me to the Sierra and south to the Intercoastal who don’t give a ‘never you mind’ to shoot me an email or, if *they know my kids social media may get a text my way; providing my phone’s charged up or not in my nightstand drawer where I couldn’t hear it anyway.

    Far as I’m concerned just personally all the news is a foreign country that, even if I occasioned to visit the place in my youth I’m too old now for that shit.

    Better I think to just chalk up as we can, as we’re disposed to, a bunch of blogs there’s kindred spirits on and stay away from any major news source.

    Especially after what happened yesterday. “The News” I don’t think, has got our best interests to heart.

    And I don’t give a shit nobody responds to me here anymore hell I got used to that a long time ago. I was married twice but haven’t been (legally) tied so since 1998 and that’s been what, going on near 23 years?

    I got a dependable truck, I got a dog and I know which way is the beer store and, I got three quarters of a tank of gas and less’n halfway to my next oilchange.

    And about half way, by the gravel road, there’s a clearly acceptable woman nearabouts 45 I reckon who is always trying to flag me down to ask me to bring her a soda pop and peanuts on my way back from the beer store.

    Rumor has it she re-loads. (Exactly what I don’t know but lately I’m coming around to the land of ‘I Don’t Give A Shit.’)

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  5. Here in commie Connecticut all the liberal left wing nut jobs have the state sewn up tight.
    Nothing us regular people say has any bearing on the way things are done.
    Can’t move, too old and too poor.
    Anyway we right thinking folks here will do our best to remove some of the scum when spicy time arrives……


  6. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate Governor Ron De Santis down here in Florida. We are all Locked and Loaded ready to protect ourselves if need be.
    Be Safe Everyone

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  7. Mainstream media is intermittent reinforcement to get you to believe a “government” can be rearranged into a help rather than a hindrance.

    Meanwhile, with all the time you’ve saved by not reading the “news”, you might enjoy _The Amateur’s Lathe_ by L.H. Sparey. It’s from the English modelmaking tradition and tells how to get stuff done on small equipment. As usual the reprints on amazon are ok and inexpensive but the pictures are better quality in an original.


  8. Sure is hard to keep up the charade of victimhood when you’re not a victim. How are old white guys oppressed? What do you want to do that the evil gubmint prevents you from doing because you are an old white guy?


  9. Ya’ll right – we be on our own anymore, those of us still able to think coherent thoughts that is.
    Bear Claw Chris Lapp and others got it right too, remember to take as many as possible with you on the way out. Hells bells boys & grills we be right back to the days of pre revolution. Outcome gonna be the same as well. Until them. Ignoramus’s the fuks and live your life best you can. Fuk everything else…….. BFYTW


  10. Truer words, man.

    Haven’t seen a blessed thing worth GAF in going on two weeks.

    I got my BS vaccination, so I’m immune to everything they’re passing now as “news”. And we’re only in the fourth month of The Great Leap Backward.


  11. I really don’t give a shit either. Just getting ready for the revolution. And if you think I’m crazy, all I can say is, eat me!


    • And you’ll do nothing but watch, as the 250 yard mark is breeched, up to and past your front door by ‘peace officers’ and fedgov jackboots, white commie Inc., and hordes of DINDU’s coming to fuck with you for whatever.


  12. Whatever, you cucking Viagra junkie. Your above mentioned sentiment will have disappeard long before you’re on the way to the polls for midterm voting next year, pRESEDENTIAL sELECTION day 2024, and the covid booster vaccination appointment you’ve already scheduled.


  13. I watching the “news” when I realized that I haven’t believed a f’king word from .gov, the Lamestream Media, any politician, or some shitbag’s lawyer since I became an adult (1968). Watching it just pissed me off and served no purpose other than interfere with my inner peace, so f’k ’em. That CNN has the chutzpah to still claim to be “The most trusted name in news” indicates just how loosely they are attached to reality.
    Wife and I are too old and decrepit to bail out and head elsewhere, so it’s hunker down and practice that self-preservation. At least we don’t live in the epicenter of the Great Blue Cesspool.


  14. You mean we can’t vote harder for the Uniparty? (sarc)
    Be off good cheer, this just in from CCP to the useful idiots-We pwn you now Baizuo, you ASO!
    All sides hate traitor fifth columns and they are first against the wall for knowing too much about destabilization and what dirty tricks were pulled off especially with pallets of ballots.
    The Law of the Jungle isn’t so bad as the perpetually offended peace and safety at all costs soft weak face panty brigades will last about three minutes and nature abhors any vacuum so regime change will come externally.
    The high heeled rump ranger battalions only make the Russians have a good laugh and they are on the border of Ukraine saying come get some to the muh Russia Jan Bradys.


  15. Enjoy giving up. Your commie masters appreciate your surrender. I guess you can vote for a “third” party to signal your virtue. Or just boycott elections to make your side “pay”.


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