23 thoughts on “Chauvin Guilty On All 3 Counts

    • Our leaders live in a bubble of wealth and delusion think Marie Antoinette here.

      However mass resignation from any officers not super close to retirement enough mayhem with a pointed ‘stop voting for anti police morons who won’t protect jurors from the mob.” might work after enough bloody years.

      Or they may just hire even more inept cops and make things worse, The people in charge are nuts.

      Its hard to say, Minneapolis is so liberal its scary


      • >Or they may just hire even more inept cops
        That is indeed the goal. A diverse police force will be a wonderful thing. An act of repairing the world and all that. It will get to the point where you definitely don’t want to call the cops after being the victim of a crime, because the cops will finish the job for the original criminals.


  1. I hope they burn down the whole mess of shit. Including their “cribs” or whatever they call home in their fucked up Congolian language.


  2. White cops will now be leaving in droves like all the other shithole cities. Can’t wait to hear the victims scream.


  3. Even if he was found innocent, his career was over, and I’d be surprised if any HR dept would hire him given the liability. Some vermin come in to kill him and get one or more others. Hey you knew right.


  4. Our local conservative radio station host was going on and on and on and…..(you get the idea) about the legality, the videos, the blah,blah,blah about how he needed to be acquitted….that’s when I turned off the radio. I knew then Chauvin would get slammed with all of the counts.
    A very good financial advisor told me once; when the euphoria in the market begins; that’s when you know the market will crash and you need to sell, sell, sell.
    That’s the same feeling I got when I listened to that radio guy….the “euphoria” for an acquittal was palpable with him. That’s when I knew Chauvin was toast.


  5. Definitely a sign of society collapsing when a good Aryan cop can’t punish a drug addict. I’m sure he’d have done the same thing if he caught Rush Limbaugh buying his oxy on the street.


  6. Once enough good cops resign in disgust, and the mayhem gets beyond control, people will scream for the Feds to “do something”. This will usher in the Federal Police Force. In 1930s Germany, they were The Brown Shirts. Stalin had the MVD and KGB. Is this the plan? Only time will tell.


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