10 thoughts on “Whoopsie

  1. Does not apply for two reasons:

    1. Magic Dirt Person

    2. Democrat.

    That is all.

    Bitch. She needs to be the backstop for a tank gunnery range.


  2. If Chauvin is found guilty because of political pressure and fear of Antifa/BLM riots – then that is just one more nail in our Constitutional Republic’s coffin.
    Americans must stand firm for justice.


  3. Remember when Sarah Palin was blamed for the Gifford shooting because Sarah had ‘target’ signs (as other politicians have had) on a US map over Dems (and possibly RINOs) that could be beat next election?
    But Palin was a patriot.

    I’m not holding my breath for Maxine to be blamed.


  4. I sent off a little missive off to my CONgress critters yesterday demanding that Mad Maxine be censured by CONgress for inciting a riot and jury tampering. I know Pelosi & Co. won’t act on it, but someone needs to go on record opposing this kind of behavior from lawmakers. Besides, all of the reps we have in this state are Demonrats, so that makes the likelihood of them doing any thing to her about zero. I did point out to them that if a Republican CONgress critter had done what Mad Maxine has, the Demonrats would calling for that person’s head on a platter and censure would already be underway.

    We’ve at least got to make them think that some people are opposed to this bullshit.


    • Yeah, just like the 95%+ that called, emailed and mailed in opposition to the Banker Bailout. That worked swell.

      Maybe call them all and say “no new gun restrictions” or “build a wall” or “no new wars” or “stop calling anyone that disagrees with you an anti-semite white supremacist” or whatever you want.

      Perhaps we should all vote harder next time, and let the Thin Blue Line and military enact their super-secret plans to save the country from the CCP,like the guy in Stillwater MN found out.

      It’s too difficult to make local connections and prepare to live on your own.



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