What’s On Your Mind?

I have to go to work but I will check in on the comments as I can.

Has anyone heard from Leonard?

He was in the hospital a couple weeks ago and called me but when I got the new phone I lost his number and he hasn’t answered two emails.

Tell him I said hello.

Other than that it’s a wide open thread.

Best be nice or maybe Sandy will swing by and throw down on ya.


I bet she’s a sweetheart in real life.

Sure put the fear in Death Ray though.

That cracks me up.

Have at it.

36 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. I was just trying to bring her out of hiding.
    Twist the screws a little and see if it was possible to drive her to drinking again.

    Last week I was on a road trip up in the mountains, about 125 miles from anything.
    It was around -5 with a wind chill of -40 below. The last three days have been very sunny and going above 55 degrees. The snow starts melting fast when that happens. Last year I wasn’t expecting that and the old garage is in a low spot on the property. I had 5 inches of water standing front to back. I was ready for it this year and have spent the last few days just moving a sump pump around to a few low spots that I’ve managed to divert the water to and not having any flooding issues. Everything changes fast here as the seasons change.
    Probably in less than a month we’ll all be worried about forest fires and burning us all out.


    • Deathray- hilarious comments! But one correction. There are no ex marines. Once a marine always a marine. Semper fi.

      Beans- fuck you. I don’t need midol or chocolate. Just a tasty beer. The fact that I read this blog linked from feral irishmen should tell you something about me.

      Phil- yes I am a sweetheart as my cardiac patients can attest too. But vodka and I don’t play nice. Hence my rant.

      Sandy, RN


      • Sandy- Grey Goose to you, Cheers!
        Thanks for correcting me on Marine logic.
        Former Army so that’s my excuse.
        We all bleed green. Thank your lucky guy for his service.


        • Vodka for Sandy, wonder what would happen if Tequila was involved, one Tequila fun, two tequila dance, three tequila floor…
          Sandy, never worked Cardiac, every other specialty it seems. I was a Med/Surg/ED Charge Nurse for too many years. I was accused of being old, soft and nostalgic for not ripping into you at your last epic rant on another post. I chalked it up to professional courtesy, kind of like same sized sharks don’t usually attack each other…


          • Cederq If you worked ED you worked cardiac. Amiodorone gtts,
            Cardizem gtts , heparin gtts, troponins q6. etc. I was not post cardiac surgery nurse but chest pain/ post cardiac cath patients. I did med surg, ED and cardiac/pulmonary units.

            As much as I appreciate your professional courtesy, please remember that I can receive as well as I deliver. No holds barred. Bring it on. I appreciate a lively discourse.

            Sandy RN


    • Deathray, just leave all that crap, those gay beach boys at Ashtray Bay (where they all put their butts out) will get your visa fast-tracked for you. They really liked your application for the beach lifesaver job. “Yoo-hoo, mister Deathray, over here, I realy need your kiss of life!”


  2. Spending an eve in the shop doing some machining, have been working on tooling projects for my 1892 Prentice Bros. Lathe, building a 4 position rotating toolpost for it, 100% from scratch 100% made with just the old lathe, no mill. Shop door open, 2000 watts of hair metal blaring, and chips flying, perfect eve so far.


    • I couldn’t imagine living in town, I love my music too loud, even have a 70v PA system with bullhorns mounted on the outside of the shop, in addition to the carvin and shure PAs in the shop, closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away, and its a deaf old man . I like seeing your project posts of that little combo machine, sweet little unit. I’m used to this antique monstrosity of a lathe. It came from a B-52 bomber plant downstate, belonged to my neighbor where I grew up, used to go sneak in his barn as a little boy and spin the handles and pretend, 20 years later he calls me out of the blue, said he bought a new 72″ LeBlond lathe and needed space, knew I always wanted the old Prentice 16×30, said if I could come get it I could have it.


    • A big double thumbs up Egorr. I’ve been passing that link on to everyone I know, and of the dozen or so responses so far, they’ve been 100% grateful for the article. I could add another list of reasons to it as well, but what he does list is chock full of sources to back up everything he says.


    • JK are you engaging me?

      Q. Is it true that women are more susceptible than men to the effects of alcohol, and if so, why is this?

      A. Yes. There are several reasons for this. Our bodies contain proportionately less water and more fat than men’s bodies. Water dilutes alcohol and fat retains it, so our organs are exposed to higher concentrations of alcohol for longer periods of time. Also, women have less alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream. At any given dose, our blood levels of alcohol will be higher than a man’s, even taking into account differences in body weight. As a result, one drink for a woman is roughly equivalent to two drinks for a man. Harvard Q&A.

      You know women’s titties are mostly composed of fat. That’s why they float in water. My husband and I can drink the same amount and I am three sheets to the wind and he feels nothing. But he is 185 lbs of twisted steal and sex appeal.

      Also, the more you drink, the more you are immune to the effects of alcohol. I don’t drink much.

      I don’t take prisoners.

      Sandy, RN


      • “You know women’s titties are mostly composed of fat.”

        Beg to differ. They’re filled with men’s hopes and dreams.


    • Well, I would hope she rubbed more then my belly, but she is a married woman with a former Marine husband and as my esteemed hero Clint Eastwood lamented, ” A man needs to know his limitations.” As a former Army guy like Deathray, even I know not to mess with a bad assed, crayon eating, dependent on the Navy for their rides, jarhead Marine.


      • Lmao! Good one! But. Once a marine always a marine. Army might not be as bad assed as a marine, but definitely a step up from the fifth string bench warmer national guardsmen.


        • In the Army I was an MP and worked with a lot of Marine MPs at Presido of San Fran and in Berlin, Kosovo. Good solid guys, I would have one at my side, one at my back and a whole platoon at my front… Then I would sleep like a baby knowing I was as safe as I was as if I was in momma’s arms.


          • Awe! Nice comment! Hubby was an MP as well for awhile, I believe while he was in Italy during his Med cruise. Took the Caribbean cruise as well. Mostly was a supply Sargent. Got a navel accommodation award for his work as supply Sargent.


      • I would rub your belly but it would violate my marital agreement. But if I did rub your belly, it would not be with my hands. I prefer using my
        mouth and tongue. Everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE!
        Might want to manscape down there.


  3. You watch out, miss Sandy. That avatar Cederq uses is really his best picture that he uses to hook women, you could catch fleas!


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