So Much To Do, So Little Time To Do It

I’m not kidding when I claim to be a busy guy.

Work, fucking with lawnmowers, yard work, projects, dabbling in a little gardening, blogging, trying to keep up with the world in general, I seem to be in Full Tilt Boogie Mode far more than even I realize until I fall down in my recliner.

I spent the entire day Thursday doing yard work.

All day.

Then there was the lawnmower bullshit.

I took a few minutes yesterday in between tasks to go pound a couple more 1X2’s into the dirt in the raised bed and tie up some more string for the peas I am trying hard not to kill to climb on.

On and on and on.

I also have,”other” little goals and tasks that I am trying to keep up with and a TO DO list that would scare a dedicated workaholic.

Some of these things I don’t say anything about for various reasons.

My life ain’t THAT damn interesting but I do have my moments and some things are just better left unsaid, ya know?

One thing that many of us have in common is the gnawing feeling that shit is about to go sideways in this country.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that it’s a matter of when and not if years ago.

Following what passes for news around here and reading between the lines, taking note of what isn’t being reported on and adding things all up paints a pretty bleak picture as of late.

It don’t skeer me too much because I know that if push comes to shove they are going to be stacking dead commies like cord wood if they push the wrong buttons.

They also know this for a fact and that is what is keeping them from committing to a full on frontal assault.

They are being forced to work behind the scenes, play the divide and conquer card daily and use subversion as much as possible.

They know damn good and well that they don’t stand a chance in a head to head battle because we outnumber them and outgun them fifty times over.

Those numbers are going up every. single. day..

Hence the sudden rash of mass shootings literally every single day now.

These aren’t all just random either.

Some of these are Wind Up Toys the FBI and other nefarious bastards are turning loose.

It all boils down to them doing everything in their power to achieve gun control.

The one thing that is stopping their quest for world domination?

The heavily armed American population.

We know it and they know it.

So how did I go from saying I have been busy to ranting about the shit show we are facing every day now?

It’s like I said, I don’t always talk about everything that keeps me busy but some of these things are tied together in the bigger scheme of things.

It ain’t all lawnmowers and playing in the garage.

Just like nuts, bolts, gasket sealer and every other thing, there is no running down and picking these things up in the middle of the night when you may really need them.

That little batch came from 3 different places in 3 different ways.

Just goes to show I may be a little busier than you might think.

6 thoughts on “So Much To Do, So Little Time To Do It

  1. I had to trim the plum tree in the side yard down by half, it was overgrown and overdue.

    We know you are planning for the near future, just like the rest of us, aside from the 200 projects you have. 🙂 chuckling, my garage looks not much different from yours.


  2. Wind up toys. That is my belief for sure regards the newtown? school- Adam Lansa, the Colorado James Holmes and the Dylann Roof church shooting. Roof even said he didn’t want to shoot those people as he really liked them.
    They all had blanker than blank looks on their faces when showing up on camera afterwards. Like programmed zombies on anti-psychotic drugs. And convince me shrinks wouldn’t put them up to it.


  3. Wind Up Toys LOL. Was that from my writeup? If not, then great minds. Yeah man… BTW, Where in the hell did you find Winchester M193 for $130??? Not a bad p/u. 200 round box right? Hope yer doing well man. Busy as busy can be, and add on I got -roasted- in the sun today out on a boat… time for another soak in some Aloe….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ya’ll just pikers. Little brother has a 40X60 metal building. I swear you got to walk a quarter mile if you try to go front to back of that shitpile and lucky if you don’t break your neck. He is preparing for retirement next year. He is buying a house with a 60X100 out back (and I damn sure plan to be really busy on moving days). He being home all day that fucker with be over loaded in less than 3 months. That picture…. that’s like eating two potato chips. Hope you gots moar of that stuff.


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