8 thoughts on “It’s The One That Makes All The Difference Though

  1. Actually he’s wrong. Anyone in the UK with a room temperature IQ can own a firearm, providing they can pass the background check. A background check that actually checks less than the NICS check but takes literally weeks, if not months to complete. Yes for some firearms you’ll have to fulfil special conditions on use and storage. But many states have similar privisos, (for know). Until we get rid of them that is.


  2. ‘s okay.

    It still beats the right to import someone with a room temperature IQ to be your royal sovereign.
    So, how’s that working out for the House of Hanover these days?


  3. I keep wondering how the brits actually conceived and built an empire the sun never set upon. From such an empire they have succeeded in falling to the most passive people on the planet, with their inability to figure out if they wanted to leave the EU or stay and other lame assed imbecilic regulations they succumb to. They have proven to be 1st class sheep, the majority here in the US are next. But then I guess it’s fitting they be sheep, they do like their mutton……


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