This Is Why I Try To Stay Busy

I wake up, grab coffee, go outside, have a smoke and check the news every morning.

That’s when it starts.




You gotta be kidding me.

Etc, etc, etc.

I’ll usually check the headlines a few times a day on top of cruising my favorite sites whenever I get a chance.

More WTF.

All day and half the night.

This country has turned into a parody of a bad joke.

So I turn to my projects, of which I have at least several hundred to choose from.

I just got done with my morning ritual, had a quick belly full of that shit and now I’m going to go find something constructive to do to keep my brain occupied.

I’m afraid that the stupidity that I am exposed to may be contagious and getting dumber than I already am ain’t an option for me.

10 thoughts on “This Is Why I Try To Stay Busy

  1. Yep. I’m shock proof so when I think WTF more than once a day, which is most days, things are seriously FUBAR. But that is mostly the democrat cities and states. Here in the midwest, I haven’t even seen a tranny.


  2. Man, preaching to the choir man… the bitch of it is not figuring out what to poast about, but what to poast about… there’s like no end to the level of shit for us to comment/bitch/observe these days… I feel like I’m one of those Lunatic Asylum tourists in Victorian England… dunno if you ever heard about that, but they used to take the ‘normies’ on tours through the nut-houses back in Victorian England to see/torment the mentally ill… walking around, “look at the funny man! HaHa!” kind of shit…

    The -biggest- motivator for me to keep on keeping on with my loading… I got me an additional 25 rounds of handloaded 7.62 Lapua 185 grain SPBT done this A.M. with and additional 147 grain DotMil to load tonight…

    Rest is for the Weak these days….


  3. I can empathize. I had a house repair job week before last that should have taken 6 to 8 hours. I had the week off for spring brake. It took all week fixing things that broke or chasing down materials and I did not finish the job. I needed two pieces of trim and a bead of caulk, I got the trim pieces this week and repaired my nail gun. I spent 40 minutes finishing up the project this morning.

    During the job the handle on my 3 pound hammer broke. I have hit a dozen hardware stores and I determined the handle for the 3 lb blacksmith hammer is unobtanium. I finally cut 4″ off the old handle and touched it up on the belt sander, cut a slit a half inch down , and the used the press to push the old handle back into the head. It is now 4″ shorter.

    This has been a good day. I have my hammer back.

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  4. Tell me about it.
    I too normally wake up an hour early before heading out to the grind.
    Get my coffee in and read the news and my favorite sites.
    HT Bustednuckles, Knucledraggin, Intrepidreporter, Irish, etc…
    By the time I leave I’m full up on a gorillion WTF’s.
    Running at warp speed.



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