One Problem Solved Anyway

I was talking to the Old Guy across the street the day before yesterday after I hear a bunch of grinding going on over there. He had been sharpening a lawnmower blade with one of those ten dollar Harbor Freight angle grinders. He says to me that he had to use that because he doesn’t have a bench grinder anymore after he gave the only one he had to me a couple years ago. I’m thinking WTF? He gave me an old arbor his Dad had made and a couple of old GE electric motors that he had sitting out in his shed, one of which had an eight inch wire wheel on it.

The Wimmins over there got on his ass about all the crap and tools he never used laying around and told him to get rid of it so I took some of that right off his hands. Even gave him some money.

He was giving me shit like he always does but it really started bugging me about him not having a damn bench grinder. Those are like mandatory equipment in any guys garage ya know? While I was out fucking with this new mower I picked up earlier today I see the old fart come out of the house to fuck around in the yard so I took care of his problem and one of mine at the same time.

(In case you aren’t catching the reference to my problem)

15 thoughts on “One Problem Solved Anyway

  1. Phil, you should have sharpened the blade for him. Better yet show and teach him how to use your set of grinders. Good neighbors man!


  2. Good on you Phil!
    It’s funny how I sold all my shit off when I closed my business. Now I’m buying some of the essentials back. Like the drill press. I’m looking on craigslist for grinders and also for a Miller 211 MIG. There’s a new tech school that opened up and they offer a 20hour MIG course.. You never know when you’re gonna need a bracket for something!


  3. One will need a blade balancer after sharpening. Even a slight out of balance blade will ruin the lower seal…BTW, check the oil frequently in your new acquisition. That model tends to leak…very subtly..


  4. How did you get past all the crap between the door and the grinder?
    That’s why I have two of some tools, because I can’t get to it when I actually need it!


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