15 thoughts on “That’s All They’ve Got

  1. This isn’t the first time these two have butted heads on air. Last week they were yelling at each over some other bullcrap race thing with geraldo doing all of the yelling and name calling. He’s melded into a typical left winger. When he can’t win the argument, he immediately descend into hysteria, then claims victory cause he used the most slurs in a loud voice. Typical nonsensical Demonrat.


  2. Bread and circuses. I will watch the clips but no national network news for a long time now. Some local and the weather.


  3. Gerald Riviera follows the path of his co-ethnic/co-religionists into the media and right wing of the Bird of Prey, sows division, and some people are surprised.

    He and Beto O’Rourke work the same grift, but at least GR has some PR blood to backstop his BS.


  4. Geraldo…the same guy who brought us what’s in Al Capones vault and smashed in the face with a chair on his show race baiting blacks against aryan brotherhood. No better than the race hustling justice brothers Jesse and Al.


  5. Geraldo got hauled away from the Murrah Building scene because the ahole dressed up like an EMT to sneak in. The POPO took him to the airport and put him on a plane an tole him if you come back you are going under the jail.

    I’ve hated him ever since.


  6. Rivera has always been one to talk out of both side of his pie hole, he’s a backstabbing two faced liar, whose only interest is Riveras. Every time I hear him flap his yapper it’s always derogatory towards anyone with any semblance of common sense. He’s about as reliable as wet fart……


    • All of them are only interested in themselves that’s why I don’t watch or read print media. Talking heads I call them.


  7. Knew a guy in Maryland that worked on Geraldo’s yacht.
    Said he was a drug abusing fudge packin’ piece of shit. Liked the young ‘uns too.


  8. fox is good at using props (leftist tools), geralduh is just another prop that gets them views

    unfortunately, they’re still just one of the too few that dares to promote anything considered conservative


  9. I love to watch Geraldo get bitch-slapped by Dan the Man – I’d pay money to watch Dan curbstomp Geraldo, but you just know that ain’t gonna happen.



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