Since Biden Doesn’t Even Know Where He Is At Half The Time, Who Is It That Decided That We Needed To Fuck With Russia?

Russia isn’t nearly the problem China is but China has got blackmail material out the ass on the entire Biden crime syndicate.

Joe, Hunter and Uncle Jimmy for starters.

Multiple copies of multiple hard drives where the Parmesan Snorting Kiddy Diddler is concerned.

So who is pulling the strings here trying to stir shit up in the Ukraine and the Kremlin?

Everybody knows Putin is not one to be fucked with lightly.

He’s got Biden’s number too.

You fuck with Ivan and Ivan will have some nasty and very painful surprises for you.

China and Russia BOTH have told Dementia Joe where the bear shits in the woods here just recently and very politely informed him that the United States had best start keeping their nose in their own business or bad things were gonna start happening.

The entire US Military knows just how well and truly fucked we are already and has decided maybe deploying a couple of Destroyers into the Black Sea right now ain’t such a good idea after all.

Russia is going to reclaim the Baltics and China is going to invade Taiwan no matter how much we squeal about it because there ain’t FUCK ALL we can do about it.

Our Military leadership is currently more concerned with purging actual Patriots, yet again, and joining outfits like Coca Fucking Cola in their efforts to Virtue Signal their way out of getting purged themselves by the Lunatic Fringe calling the shots.

So whoever who is pulling Joe Chi Minh’s strings must think that pulling this shit is necessary enough to divert our attention elsewhere from something they don’t want us to look at real hard.

Like maybe complete economic collapse, stolen elections, Mafia style crime sprees etc, etc, etc.?

They are pretty fucking desperate whatever it is.

Because this is playing with fire while standing in a puddle of gasoline.

21 thoughts on “Since Biden Doesn’t Even Know Where He Is At Half The Time, Who Is It That Decided That We Needed To Fuck With Russia?

  1. Normally I’d say Soros etc. However in this case I suspect the CCP is involved. They have already claimed to OWN the current administration. They would love nothing more than to force a dust up involving the US and Russia leaving them on top when the the dust settles. Getting us involved in Ukraine would be a big distraction while they took Taiwan and the oil rich country of Brunei. Much of what has happened was caused by Soros and his associates. A lot of what is happening now involves the CCP.

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  2. Don’t know who is doing what. The current administration is the cause of the whole fucking thing though. Pussy assholes. I guess i shouldn’t call them that because that is insulting pussy assholes. The whole world is salivating to come in and tear us apart, and these cocksuckers are paying reparations and packing the supreme court.

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  3. Since they want to start something, it wouldn’t be hard to try a false flag around the middle to the end of this month since they believe this time has some special meaning for patriots. Please don’t play their game by their plan. They want to hurry up their marvelous end game, don’t fall into that, still a little more time to be patient and let them reveal the true evil which they pursue. As our host has mentioned many times there will be plenty of warning, but be prepared for things to get sporty.

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  4. “Our Military leadership is currently more concerned with purging actual Patriots, yet again, and joining outfits like Coca Fucking Cola in their efforts to Virtue Signal their way out of getting purged themselves by the Lunatic Fringe calling the shots.”

    But things like that look so goood on the officer’s Fitness Reports (for Navy, and I don’t know what the other branches call them.)


  5. Russia is the enemy and must be punished because they threw out the Bolsheviks (eventually), then threw out the Oligarchs. Identification of common features between the first and second groups is left as an exercise for the reader.

    Does poking Russia make sense? Not to a normal person, but the shot callers are not necessarily normal people. Narcissism, paranoia, resentment, desire for “revenge”, and the conviction that anyone outside your group is a subhuman to be used, are a potent combination for seemingly stupid and profoundly maladaptive behavior.


  6. Obama! Now in his third term, he plans to avenge his legacy “Line in the sand” by starting another loosing conflict. That’s what Democrats are best at doing. Our current military and strategic planning folks wear thong panties and play Grecian homo-leap frog in the halls of the Pentagon. Look for Ukraine to be part of “USSR part deux “ and Taiwan to be “reunited” with China. Both events being desires long held by Obama and soon to be POTUS Harris.

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  7. Problem is, the speech that Slo gave about this: sounds like Putin told him “We got the goods on you and your crooked bullshit election. Back the fuck off or we go public!”… So, reading between the lines of Slo’s comments (which made my head hurt… read it yerself… he’s barely there and literate…) they’re starting to already set up that IF Russia et. al. come out and show evidence of the Bullshit the fucking -real- commies pulled, they can just blow it off as electoral interference… “During the campaign for my — for the presidency, I was unequivocal that if I was elected President, I’d respond to any attempt to influence our elections — the last election — and — because elections are sacred. They’re sovereign undertakings, and they’re an expression of the will of the American people, and we cannot allow a foreign power to interfere in our dome- — democratic process with impunity.”

    What a fucking laugh.
    We be fucked.

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      • The clown known as Yiyo can’t even spell Yoyo correctly, which leads us dear readers to the conclusion that said yoyo has been snorting Parmesan Cheese and is mentally deficient. Please ignore it.


  8. “because there ain’t FUCK ALL we can do about it.”

    Zactly. And shouldn’t because our military leadership is at near peak ineptness.

    The mic is always trolling for campaign contributions. Remember Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland at state department. Yes she has been promoted in the bidet administration. She and other warmongers never left and will never have to be in the fight.


  9. Maybe we should make friends with Russia. There are worse people out there. Someone, Derb?, said that us Ice People need to stick together.


  10. Don’t forget that Ukraine has bought not just the Biden family, but Pelosi’s and several other “seats of power” in DC. Ukraine wants Russia out, and they want NATO to do it. Why have their sons killed off fighting Russia when they can have our sons killed (along with Germany, France, and all of NATO)?

    Then factor in the billion Hoover Vacuum Nose Biden got and the Chinese own the Bidens, too.

    This is them trying to get what they paid for.


  11. Hey, I would not be averse to a small neutron device being dropped on washington district of criminals. eliminates the population and saves the buildings.


  12. as always, FOLLOW THE MONEY. the russians want/need a pipeline thru the mid east to europe for their energy industry which is their last great source of income. the saudis/west need to keep that from happening AND build their own. the saudis paid hillary over a billion to get it done. she destabilized libya with cia help, created isis to destroy syria, only they went rouge and got themselves snuffed out by trump. so hillary is out but she owes the saudis a pipeline. we’re talking profits of a TRILLION a year. that’s why putin is the enemy. we have more in common with the current russia than with any other regime. mostly white, conservative, christian. trump was going to repair the us/russia bond b4 the swine made that impossible with russia russia russia. putin and trump saw the need to join against the commy, atheist,chinese. ukraine is just the swine’s cash register, they have no other ties to it. the ukraine will pay the price for the swine’s meddling.


  13. All the posing and posturing against and for Russia, support for Ukraine, etc. etc.etc. I’m thinking has overtones of being driven in large part by the Military Industrial complex, with the globalist cabal, (gates, rothchilds, Soros, bilderberger group et all) with a hint of the UN sticking their fingers in the pie as well. They are the ones that have the most to gain from it to say nothing of unknown buttfuckery by chinklandistan trying to control the remainder of the world.
    Hang on to your shorts boys & grills, it’s gonna get hot & spicy in the near future, and none of it is gonna taste good…… xi ping ding dong jo & spread eagle da ho haven’t a clue what any of their agencies are doing or why.


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